5 Tips for Selecting the Best Boarding Kennels for Dogs

Every pet parent’s job is to provide their dog with a warm home, a healthy meal and plenty of scratches. In return, their four-legged friend thanks them by giving their owners unconditional love and emotional support which they all cherish. And because of this, it is often difficult for pet parents to leave their pooch behind.

Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t turn all your attention to your dog. Whether you have to go out of town or simply run a personal errand where you can’t take your pet, you must think of other ways to keep your dog happy and safe.

While many turn to their friends and families to take care of their doggie while they are away, there may be times when the go-to pet sitters won’t be available. And when this happens, the best option is to turn to boarding kennels for dogs. So, if you are looking for a safe and positive experience for your furry friend, here are five tips you should follow to choose the best doggie daycare center.

Do a thorough research

If you are new to all this, then you must do your basic research on such boarding kennels. This is probably the most important step because you want to find your dog a place that will be safe for them and make them feel like they are at home at the same time.

Fortunately, you have many options to choose from. If you have friends who are also pet owners, then you can always consult with them and see if they take their pooch to doggie daycare. This is one of the simplest and best ways to choose a boarding facility because you will actually have recommendations from reliable sources.

Another option you have is to search the internet and look for boarding kennels that are close to your area. If you choose this option, make sure you read any reviews you can find online in order to pick the right boarding kennel facility for your pup.

Check the qualifications of the facility

Once you choose your boarding kennel, the next step is to check if they match your criterion for your dog. In fact, the qualifications of the daycare center are going to determine whether you have made the right choice for your pup.

The first thing you should ask is whether the boarding kennel has all the necessary licenses and certifications. This is very important to know because you want your furry friend to be taken care of by a professional dog trainer who will know how to get around pets and handle any problems that may occur in the best way possible.

Other qualifications you should look out for are the conditions of the boarding facility. For example, since the kennels will look after all kinds of pet animals, it is crucial for the environment to be safe and clean. No pet parent wants their dog to be harassed by other animals or come home looking dirty.

Photo by Sergio Souza from Pexels

Pay them a visit

Even if the boarding kennel checks out, you should never take your pet without visiting first in person. It is strongly advised that you book an appointment with the facility so you will have an idea of where your dog is going to stay.

First off, visiting the kennel gives you the perfect opportunity to see how the staff interacts with other animals. For example, you can talk to the personnel about whether they provide the pets with food and which kind. Also, you should check out the play areas to see what types of activities your dog will be engaged in to pass the time. Other things you should look out for include the sleeping quarters and grooming locations.

In any case, the major benefit of visiting the kennel is to see how your dog reacts to it. Maybe you could arrange for a trial stay to make sure your pup will enjoy spending their time here.

Consider your dog’s requirements

Another thing you must keep in mind when selecting the best boarding kennel is your furry friend’s requirements. This is especially important if your dog has a particular health need or a medical condition which requires special attention.

For example, if your pooch is suffering from a certain health condition and must take medication for it, you must let the staff know about it. This simply means that while your dog is staying there, it is the responsibility of the personnel to look after them in case they need assistance.

Also, social playtime can be fun for your buddy, but it may lead to some undesired accidents. Whether they hurt themselves unintentionally by misjudging a jump or get involved in a scuffle with other pets, it is important for the kennel staff to provide the best proper care in order to protect your pup.

Prepare your pooch

The last step before heading out to the boarding facility is to prepare your pooch. In addition to taking them for a trial run to see how they like the kennel, there are other things you must do to make sure your pup is ready.

First off, you should do a thorough wellness check of your dog to ensure their overall health as well as get them fully vaccinated. Most boarding kennels actually ask to see your pet’s vaccination records and make sure they are up to date. Not only is getting your pet vaccinated going to help maintain their health, but it will also protect them from catching diseases from other animals they may interact with.

Another thing you should do is bring any necessary items your pup wants and needs. For example, this may include their favorite toy which they snuggle with when they sleep or some treats they like to eat.

Final thoughts

Generally speaking, boarding kennels have become very popular recently among pet owners. Most of them are actually well-known facilities that often look like a resort or a camp for animals. That’s why you should look for those that provide a safe and clean environment so your dog will be happy and well taken care of.

So, when you are choosing the perfect kennel for your pup, pick the one that will make your best friend’s stay a success.

In case you need help, use this guide to help you make the right decision and give your dog the best kennel experience.

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