5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy

A happy dog is a healthy dog and there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your pet is cared for and on top of their game. Here are some tips.

Plan In Case Of Fireworks

It is natural for dogs to freak out when they start hearing fireworks. In fact, it is common knowledge that dogs tend to go missing on holidays when fireworks are part of the celebration. Hence the reason for taking extra precaution early on. If you know your dog is going to panic when the holidays come around, speak to your vet about ways to keep them calm. At the same time, keep your dog inside with familiar noises to help drown out the fireworks. If the TV needs to be louder than usual, then so be it.

Do Not Risk Leaving Your Dog In The Car

You might enjoy taking your dog with you on shopping trips, but take a moment to think about the situation. Firstly, the temperature in a car can shoot up pretty quickly once the windows are closed. And simply cracking the window a little bit will not be enough to ventilate the heat. What about leaving the air-conditioner running while you are in the store? In theory, this sounds good. But what if the engine dies while you are gone? At the end of the day, it is much safer to keep your dog at home and to surprise them with a treat instead.

Get A Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are cheap and they can accommodate dogs easily during the hot summer month. And just think about the cute photo opportunities once they get in there. There are many other dog accessories that can make your dog happy and comfortable.

Pay Special Attention To Older Dogs

Just like younger dogs, older dogs want to enjoy the outdoors too. In other words, they will definitely appreciate some travel time and outings. But the car ride might be too long for them, especially if they struggle with issues like arthritis. The good news is that CBD oil can help to ease chronic pain thanks to the way it reacts with pain receptors. Once again, speak to your vet about CBD treatment and help your senior dogs to remain active without all the pain.

Grooming Helps A Lot

Certain breeds have it tough during summer months. And when their fur is too thick, grooming becomes an absolute necessity. Otherwise, they are not going to enjoy it and several issues might surface. So talk to your groomer about the best cut for your dog and give them a reason to be happy all the way through summer.

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