7 Signs Your Furry Friend is Ready to Cross the Rainbow Bridge

Owning a dog is an extremely rewarding experience that will shape you as an individual, while creating so many unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, dogs don’t live as long as people and one of the hardest parts about being a dog owner is having to say goodbye. In order to reduce pain and suffering, many owners choose to euthanise their dog. Dogs can’t tell us how they feel or if they are suffering, so as their owner, it’s our job to allow them to pass away peacefully. If you think it might be time to say goodbye, here are 7 signs that your furry friend is ready to cross the rainbow bridge.

Lack of Mobility

Humans can have little mobility and still have a good quality of life, but this is not the same for a dog. Dogs live more in their bodies than their brain, so if they can’t run or play anymore, then they will be unhappy. It’s common for dogs to get stiff as they age, which is why experts recommend Yu Move. These joint health supplements for dogs contain vital ingredients to lubricate joints and maintain mobility. While they can’t cure mobility issues, they can provide joint support in older dogs.

Changes in Appetite

A clear sign that a dog isn’t feeling right is a total lack of appetite, especially if they are normally very food orientated and excited about meal times. However, if your dog is extremely hungry all the time, this could be a bad sign too. Unquenchable thirst can also be uncomfortable for your pooch. Changes in appetite could be a sign of an untreatable disease or organ failure. It also means your dog is feeling very unsettled. If your dog’s appetite has changed in any way, get on the phone to your vet.

Having Accidents Indoors

Some pet owners are prepared to keep their dogs alive and their environment clean until the very end, even if this means that they are having to tidy up accidents indoors. Although this shows loyalty and dedication to their pet, dogs know that they are breaking the rules by going to the toilet in their home and the fact that it’s out of their control can make things even harder for them to process. Incontinence can cause pet stress and anxiety, and it’s a sign of illness or their systems breaking down.

Severe Ongoing Pain

When your dog gets sick, vets will do everything they can to save your dog and get them back to their old selves. Unfortunately, as a dog gets older, their ability to recover from an injury or illness will be reduced. If your pet can’t recover from a health issue, or they’re experiencing severe ongoing pain that can’t be managed with medication, then it may be time to say goodbye to your friend and end their suffering. If they’re on painkillers, vets will advise you on subtle indications of pain to look for.

Less Good Days

Having a dog is meant to be a fun and happy experience for everyone, but if the good days are getting rarer, then this could be a sign that the quality of your dog’s life is declining. The difficulty about old age in dogs is that it can be hard to tell if they are poorly or just slowing down due to being older. When changes occur slowly or subtly, it can be hard to lose sight of things. Speaking to your vet will clear up many of these uncertainties, but it’s your job to see if your pet is actually suffering or not.

Loved Ones Notice

You’ll know your dog better than anyone, but sometimes your views and judgement may be clouded by love, emotion and guilt for your faithful friend. Even though your vet will be able to advise you, close friends and family will be able to honestly tell you if your dog is happy or not. If they are saying that they think it is time, then you should take this into consideration. Even though they could be wrong, remember that they’ll be seeing the circumstances more clearly than you during this time.

Difficulties to Accept

Sometimes, the signs that your pet is ready to be put to sleep are more difficult to accept than others. This includes not being able to afford the treatment that your dog needs. If you’ve done everything financially possible for your pet and it still isn’t working, then don’t feel guilty about saying goodbye. You’ve tried your hardest and given them the best life possible. Also, if your household is revolving around your elderly pet’s needs, then this could be putting a harmful strain on your family and career.

If you are worried about your dog, speak to your vet for advice. Even though losing a pet is heart breaking, it’s our duty to do what’s best for them, so we can give them a peaceful and comfortable end to their life.

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