Best Gifts for an Anxious Dog

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? If you have a rescue dog or a puppy that has always been timid, anxiety may be a problem they have every day. It can affect their happiness and their ability to relax when they are at home and on walks. But the good news is there are things you can do to help your pooch. Here are some items that are beneficial for them.

Buy a Fluffy Bed

Dogs like to feel safe and secure when they are resting during the day and sleeping at night. Therefore, you should invest in a good dog bed that is going to allow them to ease their worries. In particular, a lot of owners say that canine feels better with a fluffy donut-shape bed. This satisfies your pup’s nesting instinct, allowing them to snuggle up and stay warm. They like the fluffy pile and can feel secure against any dangers.

Choose Warm Blankets

Perhaps your dog does not sleep in their bed and instead, they like to jump up on the sofa. You can still allow them to feel comfortable. This time, you can use blankets. A warm blanket is going to allow them to find a space they feel safe and warm. They curl up and feel safe. In particular, Woof Blankets have the perfect gifts for pets, including personalized blankets. These are designs that are going to allow your canine to stay warm and cozy. After a good night’s sleep, your dog’s anxiety levels can be lowered.

Check Out Calming Diffusers

Often, we buy diffusers for the house because they make the room smell nice. Well, you can actually purchase calming diffusers for dogs that suffer from anxiety. They release pheromones that can help your canine relax and feel safe. You will be unable to smell it in the home but your furry friend can enjoy it. These pheromones will remind your pup of when they were young and be just like their mom’s scent.

Try A ThunderShirt

Does your dog get scared when there are firework displays and hide under the bed? Does your canine hate bad weather and loud noises? Perhaps it is time to try out a ThunderShirt. This has been specifically designed to help dogs that are anxious and easily scared. The shirt should be worn during times they feel anxious, with the material creating pressure on their body to help fearfulness. A lot of owners have found that the ThunderShirt has helped to calm down their dogs.

Look at CBD Products

There are a lot of CBD products out there to help us with stress and anxiety. Indeed, there are brands that offer the same type of products for our pets. This might be just what your canine needs if they have separation anxiety or other fears. Before purchasing CBD products, it is best to seek your veterinarian’s advice. They might be able to advise on the best ones to purchase or other alternatives you can look at.

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