Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts – Safe Foods for Your Dog

Dogs go nuts for nuts. But the question for owners is, should you give your dog nuts? Can dogs eat hazelnuts, for example? What about almonds? Cashews? Today, we will talk about nuts and which ones you can feed your dog. Some nuts do not pose any risk for your puppy. But others can wreak […]

Can Dogs Have Oat Milk? – Dairy Alternative Explained

When you ask a question like can my dog have this or that, the answer usually falls to “yes”. But what is the catch? You can give it in moderation. You have to pay attention to your dog and see if he develops any symptoms of food allergy or intolerance. The reality is that dogs […]

Can Dogs Have Blackberries – Safe Foods for Your Puppy

Dogs love human food. They love to eat the food we eat, right? Every owner knows that look in his dog’s eyes while we eat. And it is fun to give dogs treats every once in a while. Human food makes for excellent treats. And you can use it for training, motivating your dog even […]

Best Dogs For Allergies And Asthma – Top 10 Hypoallergenic Breeds

For most people, dog hairs do not matter. But people with allergies have trouble with dog hair. It makes living with a dog or a cat a struggle. They cannot even visit friends with pets. The reality is that pet dander can act as a trigger for allergies. And people with allergies have to find […]

Can Dogs Be Autistic? Recognizing and Dealing with the Symptoms

We define autism in humans as “a condition that impacts the nervous system”. Symptoms can vary but usually range from having difficulty being in social situations, communication issues, or exhibiting obsessive interests and repetitive behaviors. We have a history of diagnosing autism in humans. But what about autism in dogs? That field remains a mystery […]

Are Huskies Good Family Dogs? – Your Questions Answered!

Siberian Huskies have earned a reputation for their striking beauty in the past several years. Many prospective owners get huskies because of their icy blue eyes and stunning coat. But once they get them, many find their character and temperament hard to control. Huskies are great pets and have many desirable qualities for owners. But […]

Why You Should Learn Dog Care Strategy From Animal Experts?

Almost every alternate family has now pets & dogs are one of the most desired one. They help us build compassion, trust, accompaniment and our kid’s best friend to play with. So they become our responsibility as a part of family and emotional attachment. Dogs have been engaged with people since ancient times for multiple […]

Detoxing Parasites in Pets Without Heavy De-Wormer Medications

Having a pet can bring a lot of joy, love, and friendship into one’s life, but they do not come without their challenges. A pet is a living being that needs to be loved and taken care of, and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to do their best to keep their beloved […]

Why Do You Use Glucosamine for Dogs?

It can be painful for pet owners to watch their dog get older and slow down. However, the symptoms that you would assume a normal slow down owing to old age may simply be signs that your dog is feeling joint discomfort contributing to a loss of desire for your dog to walk about. Since […]

6 Ways to Ensure Your Dog Gets the Most Out of Their Golden Years

Shiba Inu

Our canine companions bring years of joy and happiness. From long walks in the park, to getting cozy on the couch at night, your dog is with you through thick and thin, and you can never imagine them not being by your side. However, this can make it hard to accept that your dog is […]