Walking The Dog – Watch Out For Ticks

Ticks spread to ever wider habitats. They pose a risk to hikers, hunters, and nature goers. But not only people get bitten by ticks. Our pets are also at risk of tick bites. And there is no need to venture far out, many of the ticks found in North America have spread to cities where […]

Do Huskies Bark? Or Do They Howl?

Every dog owner wants to know the “loudness of their dog”. For future husky owners, that question is do huskies bark? Do huskies howl? How often do they do it? Can you do something about it? Well, we are here to try and answer your questions. Siberian huskies can bark and howl. But the good […]

Can Dogs Be Autistic? Recognizing and Dealing with the Symptoms

We define autism in humans as “a condition that impacts the nervous system”. Symptoms can vary but usually range from having difficulty being in social situations, communication issues, or exhibiting obsessive interests and repetitive behaviors. We have a history of diagnosing autism in humans. But what about autism in dogs? That field remains a mystery […]

Are Huskies Good Family Dogs? – Your Questions Answered!

Siberian Huskies have earned a reputation for their striking beauty in the past several years. Many prospective owners get huskies because of their icy blue eyes and stunning coat. But once they get them, many find their character and temperament hard to control. Huskies are great pets and have many desirable qualities for owners. But […]

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing – Tips to Prevent Destructive Behavior

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing

Many owners often ask the question “why does my dog chew up on our things”. It is a simple question, with not so simple answers. He has dozens of his own toys, and he is still chewing on your stuff. Now isn’t that annoying? With that in mind, we want to help both puppies and […]

Top 10 Brain Games to Play With your Dog for Mental Stimulation

brain games for dogs

Dogs need physical exercise, but also mental stimulation. One without the other is not enough. Even if you provide enough physical exercise, without some mental stimulation, your dog will be bored, anxious, and prone to destructive behavior. Brain games to play with your dog not only provide mental stimulation but also give you a chance […]

Food Aggression In Dogs – What Can You Do?

dog food agression

They say you should never touch a dog while he is eating. And that is very much true. Dogs feel like it is their duty to guard their bowl. They might think it is their last meal. Just try and take a bone from a dog’s mouth. And see what happens. Yes, dogs can be […]

How To Stop Dog From Jumping On People? Training Tips For Novice Owners

dog jumping on people

Jumping is a common behavior among dogs. If you have ever seen a YouTube clip of dog greeting his owner, you know they jump. Usually, dogs jump when they are overly excited. Now, some dog owners love that excitement and love. Others, however, think it is too much. If you fall into the latter group, […]

How to Teach a Dog to Lie Down – Dog Training Tips

dog sit down

If your dog knows and understands the command “sit”, then “lie down” will be easy to go to the next level. And it is a great skill to learn. You can easily teach your dog to lie down. Being calm, still, and relaxed are characteristics of a well-mannered dog. And you want one right? Well, […]