Do Huskies Bark? Or Do They Howl?

Every dog owner wants to know the “loudness of their dog”. For future husky owners, that question is do huskies bark? Do huskies howl? How often do they do it? Can you do something about it? Well, we are here to try and answer your questions. Siberian huskies can bark and howl. But the good […]

Best Dogs For Allergies And Asthma – Top 10 Hypoallergenic Breeds

For most people, dog hairs do not matter. But people with allergies have trouble with dog hair. It makes living with a dog or a cat a struggle. They cannot even visit friends with pets. The reality is that pet dander can act as a trigger for allergies. And people with allergies have to find […]

Are Huskies Good Family Dogs? – Your Questions Answered!

Siberian Huskies have earned a reputation for their striking beauty in the past several years. Many prospective owners get huskies because of their icy blue eyes and stunning coat. But once they get them, many find their character and temperament hard to control. Huskies are great pets and have many desirable qualities for owners. But […]

Are Mini Aussies Easy To Train

The Miniature Australian Shepherd, often shortened to MAS, is an excellent herding breed. This breed has an abundance of energy and is very athletic. They are extremely intelligent and naturally biddable. The breed is also often bred for specialized dog competitions like herding, agility, electronic dog training, obedience, canine cross-breeding, and many others. Things to […]

6 Perfect Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners

Labrador Retriever

Statista says there are more than 470 million pet dogs in the world and surprisingly this number is increasing to reach new heights. That narrates enough about the acceptance for dogs making the world a peaceful place to live in. People wishing to join this league and entitle themselves as yet another ‘dog lover’ often […]

Vizsla vs Weimaraner – Can You Spot the Difference?

Today, we will delve into the age-old dilemma, Vizsla vs Weimaraner. Which breed is better? Which one is more suitable for you? And of course, can you tell the difference between the two? Luckily, their different colored coats make it easy to distinguish the two. But other than that, they are actually quite similar and […]

A Guide to Caring For Your Labradoodle


Labradoodles are among the most popular dog breeds in the UK as of late. Perhaps it’s due to their charming smile and curly coat. Maybe it has more to do with their behaviour, which is typically a rare combination of maturity and enthusiasm. Whatever your reason, you’ve made a great choice and are now the […]

3 of the Most Active Dog Breeds for Energetic Owners

Belgian Shepherd

If you love the great outdoors and you’re looking for a dog who can keep up with your adventurous spirit, a breed known for their energy might be the right option. While all dogs are active to a certain degree, some are happy with a snooze on the sofa while others are eager to be […]

Top 10 High Maintenance Dog Breeds for Those who Seek Challenge

Chow Chow

If your idea for owning a family dog is an occasional walk, some playtime, and mostly laying on the couch, stop reading here. These dogs are only for people who have a lot of time and are eager to take on a challenge. These high maintenance dog breeds are demanding. They demand time, effort, exercise, […]

Top 10 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds for Your Real-life Teddy Bear

Old English Sheepdog

Are you looking for a cuddling dog? You want some big and fluffy dog you can cuddle all day and night? Well, if that is what makes you smile we have the big fluffy dog breeds just for you. Some people view large dogs as intimidating. Others, on the other hand, view them as an […]