Can Dogs Be Autistic? Recognizing and Dealing with the Symptoms

We define autism in humans as “a condition that impacts the nervous system”. Symptoms can vary but usually range from having difficulty being in social situations, communication issues, or exhibiting obsessive interests and repetitive behaviors. We have a history of diagnosing autism in humans. But what about autism in dogs? That field remains a mystery […]

Detoxing Parasites in Pets Without Heavy De-Wormer Medications

Having a pet can bring a lot of joy, love, and friendship into one’s life, but they do not come without their challenges. A pet is a living being that needs to be loved and taken care of, and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to do their best to keep their beloved […]

Why Do You Use Glucosamine for Dogs?

It can be painful for pet owners to watch their dog get older and slow down. However, the symptoms that you would assume a normal slow down owing to old age may simply be signs that your dog is feeling joint discomfort contributing to a loss of desire for your dog to walk about. Since […]

Introducing CBD In Your Pet Care Routine- How You Can Do It

As a pet parent, you will want only the best for your dog or cat. From a balanced diet to a regular exercise routine and schedules vet visits, nothing seems like a lot of work when it comes to keeping your pawed companion happy and healthy. CBD can serve as an excellent wellness aid, and […]

Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Healthy

dog lose weight

If you’ve ever had dogs, you know that they can quickly become as much a part of the family as anyone else. They’re loyal, they love you, and all they really ask in return is to be looked after. Dogs can be expensive, and they are most definitely a commitment, so before you even consider […]

Do Dietary Supplements Provide Advanced Health Benefits for Pets?

Pet owners find the best pet food for their dogs and cats. The same attention to detail is necessary when finding dietary supplements for their fur babies, too. Manufacturers provide a myriad of dietary aids to enhance their pet’s health and lower prevailing risks. The products improve nutrition and decrease the need for prescription medications, […]

Causes of Incontinence in Pets

Just like people, pets can become incontinent, meaning that they are unable to hold their bladders or bowels for normal periods of time. Incontinence can range in severity from small leaks to unintentional voiding of huge amounts of urine and it can be caused by many different underlying causes. Read on to find out about […]

How To Find A Quality CBD Product For Your Dog

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD has picked up mainstream media attention over the last couple of years, and for good reason quality CBD products actually work. With more and more people using CBD and adding it to their daily regimen it feels as if you see CBD everywhere, from your local pharmacy to your […]

Periodontal Disease in Dogs: What to Look For?


Periodontal disease is the most common oral health issue for dogs over the age of three. It is caused by food and bacteria that build up in the teeth and transform into plaque. Bacteria in plaque travels to the gums, triggering an immune response that causes inflammation, and irritation. While this immune response helps kill […]

Ten Signs It’s Time To Take Your Dog To The Vet

Dogs have proven to be man’s best companions over the ages, and this intimate relationship between human beings and dogs has always been loyal and playful. These incredible companions have validated their loyalty and friendship for hundreds of years, and the wag of their tail and playful tactics have been the sure comfort of their […]