Dehydrated Dog Food: What Benefits Does it Offer to Your Dog

Dehydrated Dog Food

With the dog food market becoming so robust and versatile, pet parents are continuously facing an array of options when it comes to choosing the perfect food for their furry friends. Even so, while having numerous options to pick from can be a good thing, it is equally becoming more difficult for dog owners to […]

Cancer Causing Foods for Dogs – What Not to Feed Your Puppy

dog with cancer

Same as humans, dogs can get cancer as well. It is one of the biggest health fears when it comes to your furry friend. Every dog owner fears cancer. It is simple. Cancer is the leading cause of death in canines, and it can strike both old and young puppies. Many cancers are life-threatening, and […]

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Is This Fruit Safe?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

Starting your morning with a glass of fresh orange juice is a great idea. Some of us do it every day. You get the energy that will last through the day, vitamins, and you wake up without any caffeine. The day can start. Oranges contain natural sugars that are fuel for your body, muscles, and […]

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon – Summer Refreshment Menu

can dogs eat watermelon

Who doesn’t love a piece of watermelon? It is refreshing, and enjoyable in the summer. Even dogs love watermelon. The question owners have is can dogs eat watermelon. How safe is for your dog to eat watermelon? The short answer is watermelon is safe for dogs, but with some precautions. You should never give your […]

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? Healthy Snacks For Your Pet

Dog eat apple

Whenever you want to introduce new foods to your pet’s diet, you have to be careful. Any new food can cause an upset stomach and issues like vomiting and diarrhea. That is why veterinarians recommend gradually changing your pet’s food. With that in mind, when it comes to what fruits can dogs eat, the list […]

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp – Safe Foods For Your Dog!

Dog Eat Shrimp

We all do it. We have to admit it. Every now and then, we give table food to our puppy. But who can resist those sad eyes looking at you? Can you? Well, as long as you cannot resist those sad puppy eyes, make sure the foods you give to your dog are safe for […]

Dog Not Eating in Summer – What to Do?

Before we start talking about a dog not eating in summer, let’s ask a simple question. How much do you eat in the summer? Do you switch your diet to more salads, and easier/lighter meals because of the hot weather? Your dog is the same. If you have noticed your dog’s appetite to go down […]

Can Dogs Have Broccoli? Safe and Secure Way to Feed Veggies to Your Dog!

dog with broccoli

The short answer to this simple question is yes. But the longer one takes a bit more understanding and explanation. Fruits and vegetables are great treats, but also the main dish for dogs. Let’s not forget, fruits and veggies are high in minerals, vitamins, and other healthy nutrients. Broccoli is one example of human foods […]

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts – What is Safe and What is Not?

Dog with peanuts

Dogs love peanut butter. We all know that. You’ve probably seen a video on YouTube of dogs just loving peanut butter. And if you’ve ever used a Kong toy for eating, you know it is best when you put some peanut butter to close the gap. But when it comes to eating actual peanuts, are […]