5 Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality in a Home With Dogs

As you’re already well aware, a home with dogs isn’t always the world’s best smelling environment. That’s especially true if you have a rambunctious dog that spends its days outside running around, digging holes and chasing small creatures. It’s also likely that your home has a very “canine” odor if your dog tends to leave […]

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Boarding Kennels for Dogs

Every pet parent’s job is to provide their dog with a warm home, a healthy meal and plenty of scratches. In return, their four-legged friend thanks them by giving their owners unconditional love and emotional support which they all cherish. And because of this, it is often difficult for pet parents to leave their pooch […]

Are Mini Aussies Easy To Train

The Miniature Australian Shepherd, often shortened to MAS, is an excellent herding breed. This breed has an abundance of energy and is very athletic. They are extremely intelligent and naturally biddable. The breed is also often bred for specialized dog competitions like herding, agility, electronic dog training, obedience, canine cross-breeding, and many others. Things to […]

Best Gifts for an Anxious Dog

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? If you have a rescue dog or a puppy that has always been timid, anxiety may be a problem they have every day. It can affect their happiness and their ability to relax when they are at home and on walks. But the good news is there are things […]

Introducing CBD In Your Pet Care Routine- How You Can Do It

As a pet parent, you will want only the best for your dog or cat. From a balanced diet to a regular exercise routine and schedules vet visits, nothing seems like a lot of work when it comes to keeping your pawed companion happy and healthy. CBD can serve as an excellent wellness aid, and […]

Tips for Making Your House Dog Friendly

If you have a dog, you’ll know that they are curious by nature, and they can get into trouble if they snoop where they aren’t supposed to. If you are out of the house for long periods, dogs need stimulation and safety to feel secure and content until you come home. Equally, dogs want to […]

4 Reasons Why Getting a Dog Could Be Great for Your Family

happy dog

Everyone knows that dogs are very family-oriented animals and love to be around people, but have you ever considered getting a dog for your own family? There are so many reasons why people choose to get a dog and why they then get very attached to their furry friends and subsequently feel lonely without them. […]

Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Healthy

dog lose weight

If you’ve ever had dogs, you know that they can quickly become as much a part of the family as anyone else. They’re loyal, they love you, and all they really ask in return is to be looked after. Dogs can be expensive, and they are most definitely a commitment, so before you even consider […]

Why People Use CBD for Pets

People who have pets tend to treat them as part of the family unit these days, which indeed they are. A pet becomes a valued member of the household, and owners are naturally keen to ensure they are properly looked after and cared for. In fact, many pet owners go to impressive lengths to protect […]

NutriCanine Dog Food Review

NutriCanine Fresh and Raw Dog Food sends your dog raw and fresh dog food every two weeks- We recommend it for it’s customized meal plans and high-quality ingredients. NutriCanine Fresh Dog Food offers fresh and raw dog food for Canadians that are completely customized for your dog and ships the food directly to your door. […]