Cancer Causing Foods for Dogs – What Not to Feed Your Puppy

dog with cancer

Same as humans, dogs can get cancer as well. It is one of the biggest health fears when it comes to your furry friend. Every dog owner fears cancer. It is simple. Cancer is the leading cause of death in canines, and it can strike both old and young puppies. Many cancers are life-threatening, and […]

Retriever Breeds – How Many Types are There?

Retriever Breeds

Retriever breeds are a type of gun dog, and they retrieve stuffs for hunters. Gun dogs are divided into three categories, which are pointing breeds, retriever breeds, and flushing spaniels. They all have the ability to retrieve anything you throw or shoot. Primarily, retrievers were bred to retrieve birds and prey as they return them […]

Great Dane Pitbull Mix – Gentle Giant with Friendly Personality

Great Dane Pitbull Mix

Think of the Great Dane, and you think of a giant breed. Even according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Great Dane is the largest dog breed ever. Mix it with a Pitbull, and you get a new term for “gentle giant”. Same as the Great Dane, the Pitbull is a largely misunderstood […]

Why Does Your Dog Lick Your Feet? Your Question Answered

dog lick feet

You sit on your couch, you are relaxed, you are enjoying your quiet time, and all of sudden, you feel a wet tongue licking your feet. And that tongue belongs to your dog. If you are a dog owner, this has definitely happened to you. And you are wondering, why is your dog licking your […]

10 Japanese Dog Breeds Not Called Akita

Shiba Inu

When you think of Japan, you think of sushi, anime movies, manga stories, and of course, ninjas. But the orient country is home to some of the most unique and popular dog breeds. And we are not talking only about the Akita. There are many Japanese dog breeds that are as popular as the Akita. […]

Top 10 Hound Dog Breeds that are Great as Family Pets

According to the American Kennel Club, there seven different types of dog groups, and the hound is one of them. The other six are herding, toy, non-sporting, sporting, terrier, and working type dogs. Hound dog breeds share a common ancestral trait, which is hunting. They use their powerful scent to follow a trail and help […]

Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds that can Run with Usain Bolt

The fastest dog in the world can reach a speed of 45 miles per hour. Just for comparison, the fastest Usain Bolt has ran was 27.8mph, a record he set at the World Championship in Berlin in August 2009. That record was measured between 60 and 80 meters of the 100 meters sprint. Dogs can […]

Top 10 Rare Dog Breeds That Will Give You Unique Factor

Cesky Terrier

Dogs are everywhere nowadays. But at the end of the day, you probably see the same breeds over and over again. Truth be told, some people just want that unique factor. They want something rare, something not many other people have. And with that in mind, we give you the top 10 rare dog breeds […]

How to Stop a Puppy From Biting and Nipping – The Tricks and Tips

How to Stop a Puppy From Biting and Nipping

Puppy biting is normal and expected during the early days of your dog’s life. Puppy biting is typical behavior that helps dogs develop a soft mouth and bite inhibition. And as such, it can also be a challenging period for every dog owner. When your puppy is a few weeks old, biting your toes might […]

Types of Huskies – Your Guide to Huskies

When you think of huskies, you usually think of sleddogs you’ve seen in Hollywood movies. Large fluffy dogs, usually Malamutes or large Siberian huskies with blue eyes. But exactly how many types of huskies are there? Do you know that there are Alaskan and Siberian huskies? And that Malamutes are a type of husky dog? […]