How to Find a Dog-Friendly Sober Living Home

Living in a sober living home is a very popular option among recovering addicts, and it can be a great way to ensure that those in addiction treatment receive the help they deserve. Similarly, caring for a pet also has benefits during addiction recovery. For this reason some sober living homes have been making their facilities dog friendly. Here is how you can find a dog friendly sober living home.

The Benefits to Caring for Pets During Addiction Recovery

There are numerous benefits to caring for a pet after alcohol or drug rehab. The first benefit is that it has been shown to help with depression and anxiety. In fact, you could even get your furry friend certified as an emotional support animal. It is always nice to be around something that loves you, and a dog’s love is unconditional. The second benefit revolves around the creation of a stable daily routine. Dogs need to be cared for at multiple times a day everyday. They need to be fed, walked, groomed, and played with. Having a pet can help to develop a healthy daily routine, which boosts productivity and combats boredom.

What do Dog Friendly Sober Living Homes Look Like

Dog friendly sober living homes pretty much look the same as non dog friendly ones. They usually have all of the same amenities like fully furnished apartments and community centers with activities. It just has the added benefit of allowing your dog to live there with you. Having this option can take a lot of stress off of dog owners, because this way they will not need to worry about having someone to take care of their dog when new to sober living. “We find that this accomodation option alleviates a lot of the stress that a recovering addict may have when moving to a new place”, says Terri Edwards, COO at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.  However, your pet will likely need to meet some guidelines such as being housebroken, non aggressive, and spayed or neutered.

How to Find a Dog Friendly Sober Living Home

You can find a dog friendly home fairly easily if you are looking for one. All you need to do is do your research like you would normally do when looking for a sober living home. The only difference would be considering your pet as well. Luckily, many dog friendly sober living homes advertise that they accommodate pets. Many of these sober living homes allow pets like cats, fish, and some other types of small pets as well.


Going through an alcohol or Houston drug detox can be very stressful, and finding someone to take care of your dog while you undergo one can make the situation feel even more so. Considering this and all of the added benefits that taking care of a pet has on a recovering addict, many sober living homes are making their facilities dog friendly. To find dog friendly sober living homes, it is fairly easy. All you need to do is look up research on sober living home facilities in your area with your pet’s accommodations in mind. To make things even more msimple, many of these dog friendly sober living homes even advertise that they are accommodating to pets.

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