Eight Dog Pyjamas So Cute and Cozy You’ll Want a Matching Pair

Doggos may be our furry companions, but sometimes not even a layer of scruff or fluff is enough to keep them cozy at night. Or sometimes you might just want to dress your dog top-to-tail in clothing fit for a catwalk. What if we told you there exist some designer doggy pyjamas fit for the […]

Good Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Pet Loving Friend

We all know that one person who loves their pet – whether it be a cat, dog or a ferret. If they have a birthday coming up, it is a nice idea to center your present around animals, or their pet in particular, since you will know they will like the present no matter what. […]

Are LED Lights Good for Fish?

led lights for fish

The lighting you will use on your aquarium has a massive effect on the life underneath it and the fishies swimming there. A well-maintained and healthy aquarium has a healthy and happy fish. While LED lights for aquariums are gaining more popularity due to the tons of advantages they offer, it’s vital to know whether […]

3 Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

Great Danes are dogs that are sweet in spite of its gigantic size. Often known as a gentle giant, these canines are extra large and often suffer damage in the joints, dysplasia of hip, and arthritis due to their enormous size. This becomes problematic later on in life when your dog moans laying down on […]

Tips to choose your very first fish for your new aquarium


Setting up your very first aquarium can be fun and exciting, but it also requires doing a lot of research. After all, it’s not as simple as getting a fish tank, pouring enough water into it, and buying the fish you like. Each species has its own needs and requirements, and you’ll also have to […]

How to Choose the Best Dog Shock Collar

The idea behind resorting to a shock collar is not to harm your canine but rather to grab their attention. Besides the neck, you may choose to fasten the collar on another part of your pooch’s body. Also known as a zap collar, remote training collar or e-collar, a dog shock collar serves the following […]

CBD Oil for Pets: Everything You Need to Know

cbd oil for pets

CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds found within the marijuana plant. Famously, the compound THC, from the same plant, causes a strong psychoactive effect or “high” in humans. CBD, on the other hand, is effective for pain and anxiety management and can be used as a therapeutic treatment. CBD is increasingly becoming a […]

Top 10 Best Flea Shampoos For Dogs – 2019 Review

dog with shampoo

Fleas can make your pet’s life miserable. Your dog will itch nervously, and even you will get irritated. Nowadays, if your dog gets fleas, it would be a shame to let him suffer for long. There are so many treatments and remedies for fleas, you just have to pay some attention. Now, with all those […]

Top 10 Dog Hair Clippers to do Hair Grooming at Home

dog and woman with hair clippers

Do you dream of grooming your own dog? Do you want to save some money on grooming costs? Well, it is all possible if you get some high-quality dog hair clippers. Not only you save money on grooming costs, you can also save time. As in, you do not have to rely on difficult schedules […]

Top 10 Airline Approved Dog Crate Products for Safe Travel

dog in crate

Rules regarding airline approved dog crate containers for pets flying in a cabin and as cargo are created by the International Air Transport Association(IATA). For the most part, they have been accepted by the world’s airlines. When you are taking your pet on an airline, there are a lot of things to keep on mind. […]