Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Healthy

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If you’ve ever had dogs, you know that they can quickly become as much a part of the family as anyone else. They’re loyal, they love you, and all they really ask in return is to be looked after.

Dogs can be expensive, and they are most definitely a commitment, so before you even consider getting one, just make sure you can afford a dog, and that your lifestyle is able to accommodate one.

One the biggest, most avoidable mistakes people make when it comes to getting a dog is rushing into it for the wrong reasons.

It may seem like a good idea to go and get a cute, cuddly puppy, but when that puppy grows bigger and the reality of what it takes to raise them sets in, too many dogs find themselves given away or even abandoned, which is such a tragedy.

Though, having a dog doesn’t have to break the bank. If you plan ahead a bit, and take the right steps to care for and protect them, then having a dog as part of your family will be one of the best experiences.

Whether you’re an experienced dog owner, or are considering your first dog, here are a few tips for how to best care for them.

Quality Diet

Just as humans do, dogs require good nourishment to stay fit and healthy. Dogs will especially want everything you eat everything, but there’s certain things that are a no-go for them, such as grapes, chocolate and cheese.

These are really dangerous for dogs, so if you want to give them a treat, then you can find them in a supermarket or pet store. Make sure they have plenty of fresh food and water each day to keep them hydrated and happy.

Plenty Of Exercise

Dogs require daily walks to stay fit and to do their business, so if you can get them out for a walk once in the morning, and then in the afternoon or evening again, that should be fine.

If you’re working all day, maybe consider a dog walking service, and also make sure you have plenty of waste bags available to pick up after them or perhaps you can try one of the eco friendly dog toys from Wild Thought to help them burn some energy.

Regular Check-Ups

Vet bills can be expensive, so by taking your dog for regular check-ups, you lessen the risk of them only needing care when something is really wrong with them. Also, get some good pet insurance to cover any check-ups or in the event of illness or injury.


Dogs want and deserve lots of affection and care, but there’s also the more practical aspect of actually paying attention to them and knowing where they are.

Some dogs like to wander, so if you’re concerned about them wandering too far and getting lost, then maybe looking into something like microchips to keep tabs on them and find them easily is a good idea.

Appropriate Clothing

Believe it or not, we’re not talking about dresses for chihuahuas here, but depending on the dog, they may have a thinner coat, so in winter they’ll need something to keep them warm. Also dogs with more fur could require trimming in the hotter months to keep them cool.

Deciding to have pets is a big responsibility, and you can’t just get rid of them when you can’t be bothered anymore, so hopefully these tips will provide you with some insight into the more realistic aspects of owning a dog, caring for them, and keeping them safe.

If you choose to have a dog, and look after them well, it will definitely be a rewarding, fun experience for all involved.

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