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Weimaraner Pitbull Mix: Understanding This Unique Breed Combination

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The Weimaraner Pitbull Mix, often referred to as a Pittmaraner, is a crossbreed between the sleek and agile Weimaraner and the robust, muscular Pitbull. This hybrid brings together two distinct breeds, each with a unique history and set of attributes that contribute to the mix’s temperament and characteristics. The Weimaraner, originally bred as a hunting […]

Plott Hound Pitbull Mix: Traits and Care of This Unique Breed Blend

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The Plott Hound Pitbull mix is a crossbreed that combines the tracking prowess and tenacity of the Plott Hound with the strength and agility of the American Pitbull Terrier. This hybrid dog is recognized for its loyal disposition, sharp intelligence, and a keen sense of smell. Originating from a lineage of skilled hunters and dependable […]

Coonhound Pitbull Mix: Understanding This Unique Hybrid Breed

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The Coonhound Pitbull Mix, often simply referred to as a ‘mix’, is a crossbreed dog that combines the characteristics of the energetic Pitbull and the scent-driven Coonhound. This breed amalgamation aims to create a dog that embodies the agility and hunting prowess of the Coonhound, along with the strength and determination of the Pitbull. As […]

Behind the Breed: Colby Pitbulls and Their Impact on Canine Culture

colby pitbull

The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most misunderstood breeds, but also one of the most loving dogs around. There are two types of people. Those who do not understand the breed. And those who cannot get enough of Pitbulls. No matter which category you fall into, you need to know a bit […]

Life with a Yorkie Pitbull Mix: What Do You Need to Know?

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Crossbreeding has been a popular topic in the past several years between breeders. Since the introduction of the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle, some of the earliest designer dog breeds, we have seen breeders all around the world trying to get the perfect hybrid dog. Today, we will talk about the Yorkie Pitbull mix. To put it […]

Facts About Pit Bulls – Getting To Know The American Pit Bull Terrier

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It is a sad world we live in. Why? Because people have such a bad image of one of the best breeds in the world, the American Pit Bull terrier. Because of its awful history and past in dog fighting, the American Pitbull terrier has seen its fair share of a bad reputation. But when […]

Is An American Bully A Pitbull? Differences Explained!


People, even more experienced dog owners, often confuse the American Bully for a Pitbull. But the reality is they are two different breeds. While they are not both recognized by The American Kennel Club as different breeds, they are not the same. Is an American Bully a Pibull? Certainly not! There are many physical differences […]

Do Pitbulls Shed? How To Deal With All That Hair?

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The American Pit Bull Terrier has quite a reputation. And when you look at it, it is logical that many of these puppies end up in shelters. But they are a delight to have around. Pitbulls have a reputation for being aggressive due to their history in dog-fighting sports. And they do shed. But you […]

Beyond The Stereotype: American Bully Pitbull Mix As A Family Pet

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Fittingly called the Bullypit, this puppy is not a pureed dog. Instead, it is a cross between American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier. Fun fact: neither of the parents are recognized by The American Kennel Club, despite being purebred dogs. We have to remember that the term American Pitbull is an umbrella term that […]

American Staffordshire Terrier vs Pitbull – Are they Really the Same?

American Staffordshire Terrier vs Pitbull

Both the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier are considered pitbull-type dogs. But the more appropriate term is bully breeds. There are many bully dog breeds out there, but the AST and APT are among the most popular. These two have many similarities between them, but they are not the same dog. So, […]