Blue Heeler Facts – Everything You Need To Know About Australian Cattle Dog

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Australian George Elliot developed the Australian Cattle Dog in 1840 by mixing native dingoes with Collies and other herding dog breeds. Some people know the breed by the name Blue Heeler, Australian Heeler, Hal Heeler, and Queensland Heeler. No matter the name, the Australian Cattle Dog is an amazing herding breed. But that is not […]

Can A Blue Heeler Be A Family Dog? Herding Dogs As Family Pets

Can a blue heeler be a family dog

Owning a herding dog is an honor and a privilege. But some would say the job comes with plenty of challenges. But to be honest, every dog comes with its own set of good and bad. The good news about herding dogs is they love the active lifestyle. For pet parents, having a dog that […]

Is A Blue Heeler Smart? Ranking Dog’s Intelligence

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The Blue Heeler, or the Australian Cattle Dog, is one of the smartest dogs in the canine world. These vibrant dogs with a pleasant curiosity for life are full of energy. Speaking of their intelligence, they have some of the best work ethics in the canine world. But is a Blue Heeler smart dog? According […]

Do Blue Heelers Bark A Lot? All Your Questions Answered

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So, you are considering getting an Australian Cattle Dog, otherwise known as Blue Heeler as your next pet. And for many prospective pet parents and dog owners, one of the make-or-break questions is barking. Do Blue Heelers bark a lot? We have the answers. Blue Heelers make awesome family pets and loyal friends. They are […]

How To Train An Australian Cattle Dog? Is It Easy?

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Bred to herd animals, the Australian Cattle Dog is famous for its high intelligence and its “go go go personality”. Many people mistake it for Australian Shepherd, but the Blue Heeler is a different dog breed. They come in two colors, blue and red speckle. The term heeler is a reference to the way these […]

Australian Cattle Dog vs Australian Shepherd – Same Name, Different Origin

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These two have the name Australian in them. And you might think they are related. Despite their similar names, they are surprisingly different. Today, we will take a look at the Australian Cattle Dog versus Australian Shepherd dog breed comparison. Both are traditional herding dog breeds, intelligent, energetic, and quite active. But there is a […]