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Are Border Collies Good With Kids? How To Get A Good Family Pet?


The family dog is an icon nowadays. It dates way back, from Old Yeller and Lassie to Snoopy and some modern-day pets. But since most of us can remember, dogs have been part of the family. But what is the best family dog? Are Border Collies good with kids? Should you consider this herding dog […]

How To Train A Border Collie? Training The Smartest Dog


Border Collies are a popular breed, ranking in the top 30 of the list by The American Kennel Club. They are praised for their intelligence, energy level, and willingness to play and learn. That makes them an ideal training companion. But how to train a Border Collie? Is it easy? Does high intelligence helps or […]

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix – Herding Dogs Come Together


Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are two of the most popular herding dogs nowadays. You might put the Australian Cattle dog in there, but those are the favorites. Now, you might be thinking, why a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix? Why not get one of the two? Well, this puppy has inherited some of the […]

Sheltie vs Collie – Which Is The Better Working Turned Companion Dog?

sheltie vs collie

For many years, Lassie has been the star of books, movies, and television shows. Many people nowadays call the dog breed Lassie. But it is a Collie, more precisely, a Rough Collie dog breed. The movie made such a perfect portrait of the dog, and it managed to mirror the personality and characteristics Collie puppy. […]

12 Things You Didn’t Know about Border Collie Dog

Border Collie

When you think of the Border Collie dog, you think of one of the most talented and hardworking dog breeds in the world. This puppy will impress you with his intelligence and then win you over with his eagerness to please. If you want a dog breed that will do anything with you, get a […]

Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd – Herding Dog Breeds Comparison

border collie vs australian shepherd

Do you think Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd dilemma is unnecessary? Are there the same dog? Do they share the same features and personality traits? No, even though both are shepherd dogs and herding dog breeds. While they are quite similar in many ways, for example, they require plenty of exercises and outdoor time, they […]