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The Complete Guide to Jack Russell Terrier Expenses: What You Need to Know

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The feisty and spirited Jack Russell Terrier is famous for its boundless amount of energy. People all around the world love the Jack Russell because of its lively personality. Over the years, JRTs have garnered a dedicated following among dog enthusiasts and pet parents. But how much a Jack Russell Terrier price is? Should you […]

A Perfect Blend Of Energy And Affection: The Jack Russell Beagle Mix


Today we will talk about the Jack-A-Bee, a sweet and intelligent dog. It is a perfect blend of two active dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier, and the Beagle. This hybrid dog comes from a line of hunters and working dogs. The Jack Russell Beagle mix is highly active and will never turn down an opportunity […]

11 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Jack Russell Terrier

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My dog Milo, is a Jack Russell terrier. He is an absolute delight and adorable. People love him everywhere we go. And they constantly ask if JRT is a dog for them. Well, I tell them what I will tell you as well. Jack Russell puppy is not for everyone. There are things you need […]

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix – Feisty Dog for Active People

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell terrier dogs are small. But a crossbreed can be even smaller. For example, a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix stands no taller than 15 inches in height. But that dog is full of energy, character, and devotion. Some people call him the Jack Chi, it is not a pure-bred dog. Instead, the Jack Russell […]