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Armenian Gampr vs Kangal: Understanding These Mighty Dog Breeds

Armenian Gampr vs Kangal

As a long-time dog owner, I’ve always been drawn to the ancient working breeds – the dogs with a history as long as their lineages. Among these powerful guardians, the Armenian Gampr and the Kangal stand tall. They look alike, but as I’ve learned, there are some important differences to consider. The Armenian Gampr and […]

Cane Corso vs Kangal: Comparing Giant Dog Breeds and Their Traits

cane corso vs kangal

They’re both imposing, fiercely protective, and demand experienced handling. But, the Cane Corso and Kangal offer distinctly different journeys. I’ve seen firsthand how big these two can get. But while similar looking, they are quite different. Let’s explore those differences. The world of canine companions is as rich and diverse as human cultures, with every […]

Anatolian Shepherd Colors – How To Recognize The Turkish Giant?

anatolian shepherd colors5 e1703944918581

The Anatolian Shepherd is somewhat of a mystery for many US citizens. This dog, originating from Turkey, is one of the best shepherds you will find. The Anatolian Shepherd can withstand different weather environments, and his giant size makes him a threat to any predator trying to harm your herd. What are some acceptable Anatolian […]

The True Cost of Kangal Ownership: Beyond the Initial Price Tag

kengal4 e1699847621277

The Turkish Kangal is a large, powerful, heavy-boned dog that belongs in the group of the biggest dogs in the world. The size and proportions of the dog have been developed naturally thanks to its breeding and use as a guardian against protectors. Given the size of the breed, you can expect a rather higher […]

Are Kangal Dogs Dangerous? Can You Have One As A Pet?


The Turkish Kangal is a large, powerful, heavy-boned dog. His size and proportions have developed naturally. Why? Because in Turkey, this dog breed has been as a guardian against scary predators. That has resulted in a large head and longer body. But are Kangal dogs dangerous? Well, that is a complicated question that cannot be […]

Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal – Same Dog Breed Or Different?


People often think of the Anatolian shepherd as Kangal. But that is the same dog breed. Both of these have been used to protect livestock and farms against everything thrown at them. That can range from wolves, wild animals, buffalo, cheetahs, to humans. We have to talk about the Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal debate. Which […]