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Boston Terrier vs Pug: Choosing Your Perfect Apartment Companion

boston terrier vs pug

When considering a small dog for companionship, one might find themselves comparing the Boston Terrier and the Pug. Both breeds are often adored for their compact size and expressive faces. While both the Boston Terrier and the Pug each bring joy and laughter to their families, they feature distinct characteristics and histories that set them […]

Pint-Sized Perfection: The Delightful World of Chihuahua Pug Mixes

chihuahua mixed pug

The Chihuahua Pug, also popularly known as the Chug, is one of the most interesting mixed breed dogs out there. It is not a surprise when you have a Chihuahua mixed pug, that the result is a clownish and entertaining dog. There are no records of the origins of the dog breed, but we can […]

Retro Pug – What Is The Healthier Pug Version?

retropug1 e1684513622672

As most people know, Pugs are not really famous for their health. As a brachycephalic dog breed, Pugs are known to suffer from breathing problems and heart issues. Well, this is where the Retro Pug comes to play. In the past several years, breeders have been looking for ways to improve the health of purebred […]

Pug vs Bulldog – Better Lazy Companion For Families


These two are known for their adorable face and wrinkly skin. Of course, the many funny internet videos. Pugs and Bulldogs are two amazing house pets, especially for a less active family with a small apartment. You are probably wondering which one of these two to get. Well, do not worry, we have tried to […]

Pug vs French Bulldog – Which is the Best Companion Dog

Pug vs French Bulldog

Pugs and French bulldogs are small and companion dog breeds. They are your perfect lap dog. They do not need a lot of exercise, they love cuddling, and will spend most of the day sleeping. But which is the better companion dog? Truth be told, there is no clear answer. It all depends on what […]