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How to Combine Dog Games – Solution For Dogs Who Get Bored

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There are two types of dogs when it comes to dog games. Ones who are happy to play with the same old ball over and over again. And then there are those who quickly get over the same dog toy, and look for another one.

Before we go over the trick you can use to keep your dog interested, let’s stress that there is nothing wrong with either type of dog.

Two of the most popular games you can play with your puppy are fetch and tug of war. Well, what happens when you combine them both?

Why do dogs play with toys?

Dogs like to play differently depending on their breed, age, and individual personality. But all dogs love to play games. Their breed instinct often comes into play here. For example, retriever-type dogs love to fetch things. After all, they were bred to fetch ducks and other animals from their hunting companion.

There are dogs that love to battle with you, fight for domination if you like to call it. This is where tug comes into play. Some dogs love to play with dog treats and dog food. This is where mental stimulation games like snuffle mat or hide a dog treat came in to play.

And of course, hound dogs love to play nose games and sniffing games.

Now, just because your pooch hasn’t responded to any dog games in the past doesn’t mean he/she will not play with you.

Yes, it can be frustrating to find the right fun game for your puppy. One that your pet will enjoy and play it with confidence.

Dogs play games to exercise, but also to get some mental stimulation and a sense of purpose. But most importantly, dog games are a great way to connect and bond with your puppy. After all, that is why you get a dog in the first place, right?

Understanding different games

I have a whole article on different dog games and how to implement them in your draining. You can check them out there.

Today, let’s give a quick summary of the two games we will combine and how to use them to stimulate a bored dog. As a responsible dog owner, you should know the games.

Fetch is a game that teaches recall. It helps your dog practice going away and coming back to you to get a reward. It is a great game for energetic dogs as it provides plenty of physical exercise. It also rewards a dog’s natural instinct to run and chase things.

Tug, on the other hand, is a classic game you play to interact with your puppy and get his focus on you. It helps teach impulse control and gets your dog adjusted to the fact to ignore and avoid distractions. Your cute puppy will put his entire focus on you. The trick with tug toy is to let your puppy win sometimes so that it motivates him to play again.

How to combine games?

While dogs love different games, we said, in the beginning, some puppies easily get bored with a single dog game.

What can you do? Well, take things to the next level and make them even more fun. If your pup gets bored with one fun game, you can play multiple games at once. It makes things more challenging and entertaining.

In this case, we are using fetch and tug. Throw the ball, and when your puppy gets it back, bring out the tug toy and initiate play. It reinforces your dog bringing the ball back, but also reinforces playing tug. You make one classic game the reward for playing the first game. And your dog will love it.

This trick can increase the length of your playtime and training. And in the end, we all want a focused and well-behaved puppy who ignores distractions. And you can achieve that in a fun way.

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