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13 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Husky

Siberian Husky
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The number of abandoned and unwanted huskies ending up at shelters has been steadily rising in the past several years. Part of the reason is people get a dog they are not ready for it. I get it. You are drawn to the striking looks of huskies. Their blue eyes definitely are unique. But you need to know several husky facts before you get a dog.

In the right hands, and with proper training and socialization, huskies can make great family pets. But if you do not understand the Husky dog breed, you might end up with a dog you cannot handle. And sooner than later, you might decide to part ways with your puppy.

With that in mind, here are a few things you need to know before getting a Siberian Husky.

They want lots of cuddles

Huskies are pack animals. All dogs are pack animals and love cuddles. But with a husky, this is a whole new level. Your pup considers you and your family their pack. They want lots of attention and interaction within the pack.

You will get an abundance of cuddles and licks. This dog will want to sit on your lap, snuggle beside you, and will follow you as much as possible.

They need a leader

Another thing you need to understand about the Siberian Husky dog is that this puppy needs a leader. Or, it will turn itself into a leader. As long as you show your pet who is the leader in the pack, it will follow you.

Remember, huskies are stubborn (more on this later). They will challenge your position in the pack. They might disobey a command or try their luck by breaking the rules.

Do not allow such behavior to go unchecked. Otherwise, your this popular breed will rule the house with its territorial instinct.

They need lots of exercise

A Siberian Husky puppy is not your average pet dog. Remember, this is a working dog and a sled dog. They need a lot of exercise. Its ancestors worked and helped the Native Chukchi people to undertake their work.

If your Husky pup doesn’t get enough exercise, it will show signs of anxiety. Make sure to burn its energy daily. Some people even get a treadmill for their Husky dog.

They shed a lot

So, the moment you get a Siberian Husky dog, you should also get a robot vacuum cleaner. Why? Because this puppy will shed a lot. They have two blowout periods throughout the year. And when those arrive, your house will be covered in dog hair.

Take this as a warning. Be ready to clean the house and brush your dog daily. Because of its double coat, the Alaskan Husky puppy will shed a ton.

They love to chew things

Your Siberian Husky puppy is a heavy chewer. And that will continue past the puppy stage. You should train them a proper bite inhibition to avoid disasters.

Implement training from the start and husky-proof your house. Otherwise, you might have trouble. You do not want to come home and see your Husky chewing on the sofa, right?

Make sure to create good habits from the moment your Husky pup starts teething.

They need special climate

Husky Dogs
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Husky is a sled dog. They love winter. They love snow. And they excel in cold climates because of their double coat. Warm weather doesn’t suit them. If you live in a warm environment, make sure you have your AC turned on during the day.

Fair warning, your Husky might search for tiles to sleep on. They are way colder.

Off the lead rules

If you are looking for a medium sized dog you can let off the lead to run free and play fetch with, try another dog breed. Yes, huskies are loyal companions and they will love spending time with you. But most of them are famous for having little to no recall when they are out in an unfamiliar area.

Unless you are in a secure and enclosed area, it is recommended that you do not let your husky off the lead.

And no, they are not disloyal. They do love you. But when they get fixated with new smells, sounds, and any chance of exploring, they go for it. This is where their independence kicks in.

Expect noise

Here is a Siberian Husky fact for you. Huskies do not bark. They howl. But that is also a noise that you might not like to hear. If you are looking for a quiet dog, look elsewhere. That is not a husky. This puppy is vocal and will gladly express its opinion.

What huskies lack in barking they make up in whining and howling sounds.

They do not love spending the day alone

This medium sized dog does not like to be left alone. If you intend to leave your husky alone for prolonged periods, you might contribute to separation anxiety.

We said this dog is a pack animal. So, that means they want your time forever.

Strong prey drive

The ancestors of this dog breed used to hunt prey in the wild. This behavior is still a huge part of their personality. If you want your dog to accept other pets and animals, start early. Socialize them early on or they might go after cats and smaller animals.

One of the most stubborn breeds

Whenever you talk to any Husky owner, he will tell you. My dog is stubborn. And there is no other way around it. Huskies are some of the most stubborn dogs in the world. It can be both frustrating and funny. It depends on your perspective.

The only way to counter this stubbornness is to start positive reinforcement training and obedience training early on. But remember, it will take months to get your puppy to listen to you.

They have a short attention span

More interesting facts for you. Huskies do not have a long attention span. They tend to get anxious if they have to wait. That also irritates them. This is another reason you do not want to leave the puppy alone. Huskies can get bored and frustrated quickly and easily.

This means your Siberian Husky dog needs a lot of entertainment and stimulation.

They make a great family dog

Let’s finsih off the list of husky facts with their popularity. The American Kennel Club puts the Siberian Husky dog breed among the top 20 most popular breeds. And there is a huge reason for that. Despite their stubbornness, huskies make great family pet.

This loving and compassionate dog will rarely show aggression. They are great with children and will love spending time with the family.

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