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Interactive Fun: The Best Toys For Dogs That Move On Their Own

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Do you want to find the best automatic and interactive dog toy for your pet? In the past few years, owners have turned to toys for dogs that move and allow their puppies to play on their own. Well, we have you covered.

We will talk about some of the most popular interactive toys you can find on the market. We will also talk about how and when to use interactive dog toys. Let’s get to it.

Types Of Dog Toys That Move?

Before we get to some of the best toys for dogs that love, let’s talk about the types of toys you can use for this purpose. Interactive toys are not the only options. There are many more. With that in mind, generally speaking, we can classify them into several groups.

  • Interactive dog toys, designed to move in response to your dog’s actions. For example, they might have a sensor that activates once your puppy touches it
  • Fetch toys are great for canines that love to run and chase. These toys like balls and sticks can provide plenty of interactive play for your furry friend
  • Tug toys, amazing toys for interactive play with your canine. They have handles that you can hold onto while your dog tugs on the other end. Or, if you have multiple dogs, they can play between them
  • Puzzle toys, designed to challenge your dog’s mind and provide mental stimulation. Often, these treat dispensing toys have space for hiding treats or kibble
  • Automatic toys, designed to move on their own, without input from your dog. Usually, these move randomly or can dispense treats on a timer
  • Squeaky toys, great for dogs that enjoy making noise. Often, they are shaped like animals or other objects

Why Do Dogs Love Playing With Toys?

We all know dogs love to play with toys. But why is it? What do these toys provide? Let’s talk.

First and foremost, toys provide a great way to get exercise and burn off excess energy. Dogs have plenty of energy, and the more energetic your dog is, the more he will want to play.

Toys also provide mental stimulation, especially puzzle toys. Your dog needs to keep its body, but also its mind in shape.

But the big reason why playing with toys is so important is bonding. Toys provide a great way for you to bond with your canine. Shared playtime will make training your dog that much easier. The stronger bond you have, the easier it will be to shape your dog’s behavior.

And of course, toys provide stress relief. Same as us, dogs can experience stress and anxiety. Playing with chew toys and interactive dog toys allows them to alleviate stress.

Last, but not least, chewing. Dogs enjoy chewing on toys, an activity that keeps their teeth clean and healthy.


Are Moving Toys Safe?

Yes, moving dog toys are safe. They provide many benefits, more on this later on. And they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

With that in mind, when you shop for one, pay attention to several factors. For example, avoid toys with small parts that can easily be torn off. They pose a choking hazard. And electronic toys are not ideal for aggressive chewers.

Small and large dogs play similarly, yet, they need toys that cater to their size. Some dogs might prefer oversized or undersized toys, but generally speaking, small toys are for small dogs.

Last, but not least, pay attention to their function. Depending on what you need, look for a toy with that particular purpose. For example, automatic treat dispensers are great when you want an interactive toy for preventing a dog from aggressively eating.

What Are The Benefits?

As we said before, these toys provide plenty of benefits for your canine friend. Let’s break it down.


These toys come with motion sensors that activate the toy when it is moved. It allows your puppy to engage with the toy at any time and get some playtime and mental stimulation.

Dental Health

Many of these moving toys have the ability to clean your dog’s mouth while they chew on it. How do they do that? Well, they are made with silicone spikes on a ball or stick chew toy that gets in between the teeth of your furry friend.


Last, but not least, these toys provide exercise. Your dog gets plenty of physical activity from playing with toys. And let’s not forget brain stimulation.

Top 5 Toys For Dogs That Move

CHeerble Wicked Ball


You can say this is the best self-moving dog ball. You charge it up, and the automatic toy will roll and bounce randomly around the floor.

The ball comes with a tough outer shell for indoor or outdoor play. It is a rare versatility among high-tech moving toys.

The best part is this toy doesn’t require extra gadgets or an application on your phone. You just charge it up and it begins to move.

And here is the fun part. It will stop moving after 10 minutes of active play. It then needs 30 minutes of rest.

PETSAFE Kibble Chase Roaming Treat Dropper Dog Toy


This treat or kibble-dropping roaming dog toy is entertaining and fun. It roams around your house on your own while leaving yummy treats along the way. Dogs of all sizes and ages can play with it.

Once you push the button to start, it is fully automatic. There is sleep mode after 10 minutes of active play and restarts with a nudge from your dog.

The treat window is adjustable, so you can put different treats inside.

PETGEEK Interactive Dog Bone Chase Toy


This fully automatic interactive dog bone is unpredictable and fun. It can work for medium to large-breed dogs.

You need to push the start button, and then pat to activate. The batter can last up to two hours in interactive mode. It moves automatically for 10 to 15 seconds and then needs a pat or nudge from your canine to re-activate.

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail


Many owners call it the moving squirrel toy. It is ideal for dogs with a strong prey drive. The tail moves on its own when shaken, rolled, or thrown.

Even more, the toy barks and squeaks to invite your pet to play. There is an automatic shutoff feature that can save the battery.

Kong Wobbler


We have to finish off the list with arguably the best puppy toy. The Kong Wobbler is a great toy for dogs of all sizes and shapes. The highly-rated toy can dispense treats or kibble to dogs while providing mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Made of durable plastic, it has a weighted bottom, which allows it to wobble and spin in unpredictable directions.

How Much Mental Stimulation Do Dogs Need?

The amount of mental stimulation depends on your dog’s age, breed, personality, and level of physical activity. Some dogs need more, others need less.

For example, if you have a Border Collie, this dog will need exercise and mental stimulation all day long. Adult dogs need between 20 and 30 minutes of mental stimulation per day.

Others benefit from more. Puppies need even more mental stimulation because of their general level of activity.

We have to stress, mental stimulation is not an alternative or substitute for physical exercise.

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