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Keeping Your Dogs Play Area Clean – Tips for Enjoying Turf in your Backyard

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We all know dogs love to play outside. But the fun can often turn to chaos, and leave your yard looking rough. Some pet parents opt for artificial turf, as it is easier to keep it clean. And yes, turf is a lower maintenance surface compared to grass. Yet, you still need to keep it clean, safe, and enjoyable for your puppies.

I’ve been around dogs for most of my life, and I cherish the opportunity to leave my puppy romp in the yard. Yet, I know, play can get messy.

So, today, we will talk about how to keep your play area clean and the benefits of artificial turf.

Why does turf cleaning matter?

Artificial turf is an easy solution to keeping your yard mess-free. But that doesn’t mean you can just leave it there and never clean it again. Here are three reasons why you need to constantly clean your turf:

  • Keeps the area clean and smelling great, no pat parent wants his yard to smell like dog waste. You always need to pick up accidents and rinse after them to keep the yard fresh
  • Cleaning the turf also protects it. Artificial turf is a huge money investment, and taking care of it properly will keep it looking great for years to come. That will justify the investment
  • Most importantly, cleaning turf keeps bugs and pests away. Without cleaning, dog waste can attract unpleasant bugs, or sometimes, even other animals

Daily Turf Care Routines

Artificial turf is an amazing option for a yard. But it requires regular maintenance, daily, weekly, and monthly. Here are some daily routines:

  • Scoop the poop, remove all solid waste as soon as you notice
  • Rinse away urine. Pay attention to where your dog pees. If you have multiple dogs, you can rinse it twice per day
  • Clean up toys. Wash outdoor toys regularly, especially if they get dirty or slobbery

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Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Every once in a while, your artificial turf requires extra attention. Once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month, you need to put on your rubber gloves and do the dirty work. Here are some regular maintenance options:

  • Use a stiff-bristle push broom to brush against the grain of the turf and fluff it up. It helps with looks, drainage, but most importantly, keeps the turf blades upright
  • Turf can hold onto smells, so it is important to deodorize by using a pet-friendly deodorizer occasionally. There are homemade solutions that can work, but I also recommend trying some professional tools. More on that later on
  • Check for damaged or loose areas, or any other spots that seem heavily matted down or smelly. Any small issue is easier to fix than a large one
  • Dealing with seasons is another challenge. During the autumn, you need to rake away leaves if you have trees in your yard. Keeping the leaves away prevents them from getting matted down in the turf. And during wet seasons, you can add a towel or old rug by the door to clean muddy paws before they step on the turf

How to easily keep your turf clean?

Wisywash is a professional solution that makes it easy to clean artificial turf. The solution gets into all the places where odors and germs hide, like the ceilings, drains, cracks in the floor, and everything in between.

As I said before, regular rinsing and spot cleaning is a must. These two options go a long way, yet, every once in a few months, your turf needs a deeper clean. This is where you can use the Wysiwash sanitizing system. Designed for artificial turf in pet areas, the solution brings several benefits to the table

  • By using hypochlorous acid, it kills germs and odors. It is a powerful, yet safe sanitizer that is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and odor-causing microbes. The result is a cleaner turf and a healthier play area for your puppies
  • The system is easy to use, you attach it directly to your garden hose and it automatically mixes the sanitizing solution at the correct concentration. From there, you spray it on the turf. Focus on areas with higher use and then it let it air dry
  • Regular use delivers improved hygiene, long-lasting odor control, and most importantly, peace of mind. You can feel safe that your dog’s play area is properly sanitized

More tips and tricks for clean play area

Let’s finish off with some tips and ideas for how to keep the dog area clean and safe.

  • Consider having a gravel or mulch area dedicated to potty breaks. This potty area is easier to clean than the entire turf
  • Use the right commercial cleaner that is safe for pets and will not damage your turf
  • Check that the turf drains well so it dries quickly after you hose it down. Drainage prevents smells from lingering

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