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Can a Great Pyrenees Kill a German Shepherd? We Have The Answer!

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When you think of large dogs, the Great Pyrenees breed definitely makes the cut. And when you think of a large breed with amazing guardian instincts, then the Great Pyrenees comes to mind again. But will a guard dog ever attack other dogs? Is the Great Pyrenees dangerous? Can a Great Pyrenees kill a German Shepherd?

Now that is a different and more complicated question. Let’s talk about it.

Understanding Guardian Instinct

If you have ever had a guardian herd protector, you know these dogs are actually sweet and well-behaved canines. But they have an instinct to protect too. It is their job to protect the herd like sheep, goats, chickens, cows, or anything in between.

They might be dominant sometimes with other dogs, but they rarely cause an incident. But you have to remember, that one of the main reasons people get a guardian dog is to protect their livestock.

If you happen to live in an area with coyotes, raccoons, or similar predators, you need a livestock guardian dog that can protect your assets.

For the Great Pyrenees dog breed, it is in his instinct to protect everything he considers his property, including livestock, family, other animals part of the family, and land.

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Bite Force of Great Pyrenees

When you talk about can a Great Pyrenees kill a German Shepherd, then we have to talk about bite force. It is important to recognize that, just as with any other dog breed, the power behind the jaws can be significant.

We measure bite force in pounds per square inch, PSI. Just for comparison, humans have a bite force ranging between 120 and 140 PSI. Some of the popular guardian dogs, like Rottweiler or Mastiff, have a bite force of 300 PSI.

The Great Pyrenees, on the other hand, has a bite force ranging between 220 and 240 PSI. They have a stronger bite compared to humans, but they are nowhere near the top of the canine bite force list. According to the American Kennel Club, this large dog would be somewhere in the middle.

The Anatolian Shepherd or Kangal sit on top of that list with a bite force of close to 700 PSI.

A bite from a Great Pyrenees will definitely hurt. It can be painful and inflict some serious injury. But it will not kill another animal. You also have to take into consideration factors like the location of the bite, duration of the bite, the intentions of the dog, and more.

Great Pyrenees Temperament

The temperament of this guard dog plays a crucial role in understanding his behavior. Generally speaking, these livestock guardian dogs are known for being calm, gentle, and protective. Those are all personality traits of an excellent watchdog.

They are generally friendly towards other animals, but sometimes, their protective instincts will kick in. And that might lead to dog-to-dog aggression. If they perceive another canine as a threat, they might show their aggressive behavior.

Yet, most of the time, Great Pyrenees will use their size and barking to fend off intruders.

Here are some personality traits of the dog breed:

  • Excellent watchdog
  • Friendly with other animals
  • Good with children
  • Devoted member of the family
  • Can be stubborn and independent
  • May be wary of strangers

great pyraneese gsd1

Can It Kill Other Dogs?

So, can a Great Pyrenees kill other dogs? Specifically, can a Great Pyrenees kill a German Shepherd dog? The clash between these powerful dogs might be captivating.

But we have to say, we do not want to see that happening. After all, we are against dog fighting sports. Now, a Great Pyrenees would never purposefully harm any other dog or animal. If the other animal is part of the pack, there will be no harm done to it.

However, if they feel their territory is invaded or under threat, they might use their protective instincts to ward off other animals.

They are not prone to killing other animals, but they might kill another dog if they perceive him as a threat to their family.

It is important to socialize your Great Pyrenees to be friendly with other animals, and show them when the guarding instincts are okay, and when they are not.

Make sure to provide your dog with plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep him calm and docile.

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