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Akita Colors: A Spectrum of Shades for This Noble Breed

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Akitas are a majestic dog breed known for their imposing stature and diverse coat colors. These canines are divided into two primary categories based on their regions of origin: the Japanese Akita Inu and the American Akita. Distinct in their appearance, each type adheres to different breed standards, especially when it comes to coat colors […]

Akita Inu vs Siberian Husky: Who Is Your Wolf-Like Dog Pick?

akita inu vs siberian husky

When considering a loyal and striking canine companion, two breeds often come to mind: the Akita Inu and the Siberian Husky. Both have roots steeped in history and culture, with the Akita originating from the mountains of Japan and the Siberian Husky from the icy expanses of northeastern Asia. These breeds not only boast distinctive […]

Get To Know The Majestic Akita Dog Breed

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Akita, sometimes called Akita Dog, is a working dog breed originating in the mountains of northern Japan. In 1931, the government of Japan designed the breed as a “natural monument”. In the early days of its history, the Akita was employed as a hunting and fighting dog. Nowadays, it is trained for police work and […]

Akita Corgi Mix – An Adorable And Unique Hybrid Dog


Akitas and Corgis are among the cutest breeds in the world. Especially the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. How can you not love that butt-shaking, right? And then the Akita, with its graceful and regal appearance. Well, today, we will talk about a combination of these two amazing dog breeds. And that is the Akita Corgi Mix. […]

American Akita vs Japanese Akita – Same Dog, Different Continent?

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Akita is a Japanese dog breed originally bred for hunting. But over the years, these Asian dogs have grown in popularity. They are no longer exclusive to Japan. In fact, they have spread to other continents. Thanks to their growing popularity and spread, we now have the American Akita and Japanese Akita dog breed comparison. […]

Akita vs Shiba – Is Size The Only Difference?

Shiba Inu

Both Akita Inu and Shiba Inu are adorable dogs. They resemble a fox, and they are smart as whips. But when it comes to the Akita vs Shiba breed comparison, is size the only difference? Are there any other differences and similarities between the two dog breeds? Let’s take a look. These two can grow […]