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Akita Corgi Mix – An Adorable And Unique Hybrid Dog

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Akitas and Corgis are among the cutest breeds in the world. Especially the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. How can you not love that butt-shaking, right? And then the Akita, with its graceful and regal appearance. Well, today, we will talk about a combination of these two amazing dog breeds. And that is the Akita Corgi Mix. Cuteness overload, am I right?

Do you have any questions about this dog breed? Well, do not worry. I will try to answer them all for you.

Meet The Breed

Sometimes, this designer dog is called Corgita. It is a medium size breed with a social side, a zest for life, and an active personality.

No matter what you call it, The Corgi Akita Mix is an adorable puppy. What happens when you mix a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a strong and independent Japanese dog like the Akita? Let’s find out.

Meet The Parents

Given the fact that The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize designer dog breeds, the best way to know more about any mixed breed is to look at its parents. There is no breed standard set by the AKC. So, we have to look at the parents to try and get an idea of how our mixed puppy will look and react.



We start off with the Akita parent breed, a Japanese dog famous for its regal appearance. Yes, in the last several years, there are Akitas all around the world, but most people know it as Japanese Akita Inu. The difference between an American and Japanese Akita is mostly in the coat color and appearance.

Famous for its distinct personality, the Akita has many positives. They do have a strong prey drive, but that is because, like many other Japanese dogs, they were used for hunting. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common personality traits.

  • A fiercely loyal dog that will form a strong bond with its dog owner
  • They have a protective nature, and a natural instinct to guard their loved ones. Akitas are watchful and will be protective of their territory
  • Brave and courageous, they cannot be intimidated by anything
  • They have an independent nature, with some owners and trainers describing them as having a cat-like personality
  • Akitas are selective in their affection and prefer to have their own space
  • They carry themselves with a regal and dignified demeanor
  • While they are affectionate toward their family, they are reserved with strangers and other animals. Socialization helps, but they generally need plenty of time to warm up to new people and animals
  • These strong-willed dogs can be somewhat stubborn at times



Queen Elizabeth might be the biggest reason people have fallen in love with the Corgi dog breed. And of course, cryptocurrencies. Corgi is the dog on the logo of the Dogecoin crypto.

But let’s not get there. This charming puppy is an Internet meme, mainly because of the way it shakes its butt. But, pun intended, there is a lot more to this puppy than its booty. Let’s get to some of the common personality traits:

  • A highly intelligent dog that has amazing problem-solving abilities and skills
  • Quick learners that can excel in agility training and perform different tasks and tricks
  • They have a playful and spirited nature and enjoy engaging in games and activities
  • Because they are herding dogs, they are naturally alert and make excellent watchdogs
  • They can have a stubborn streak and need patience and consistent training
  • They are also independent thinkers and creative thinkers. In some cases, Corgis might come up with their own solution to the problem or find alternative ways to accomplish the task at hand
  • Friendly and sociable with humans and other animals
  •  They have a strong herding instinct, and can sometimes nip at heels or try to herd children and animals

And no matter whether you have Cardigan Welsh Corgi or Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the temperament is the same.


Now let’s talk about the Akita Corgi mix, starting with the appearance. In this case, we have two different dogs. The Akita is a large dog, while the Corgi is classified as a small dog, sometimes medium. To be more specific, Akitas grow between 24 and 28 inches and weigh between 70 and 130 lbs. Corgis, on the other hand, weigh between 20 and 30 lbs and grow up to 12 inches tall.

Both the Corgi and Akita have a highly-coveted look. Their offspring is a uniquely looking puppy that can grow between 12 and 25 inches and 25 to 100 pounds. In most cases, the Corgita falls into the group of medium-sized dogs.

Fun fact, a Corgi Akita Mix might look like an obese Shiba Inu, a dog that is quite similar to the Akita, but smaller in size.

That said, this mix will retain the sharp and fox-like appearance of the Akita. These mixes have a double coat, the same as their parents, and color options are not that wide.

After all, the parents do not have a wide range of coat color options as well.



As with any other designer dog out there, it is difficult to predict the temperament. Yet, if you look at the parent breeds, you have a chance to imagine and predict what kind of character you will get.

It is worth noting that both parents have a strong prey drive, so that might be the case with your mixed breed as well.

But the difference is that, unlike the purebred Akita, its mix is more playful, energetic, and affectionate. Yes, it might retain some of the guarding instincts, but it is generally more sociable, friendly, and playful around unknown people and animals.

When it comes to temperament, this mixed breed inherits more of the fun-loving personality of the Pembroke Welsch Corgi. Early socialization is important, of course, and should begin as soon as possible.

Your mixed-breed dog will be quite intelligent, like most herding/working dogs. But it is up to you to find a way to utilize that intelligence. Working and herding dogs must have a task at hand.

Is Akita Corgi Mix Dangerous?

This question comes naturally, considering the aggressive nature of the Akita. The purebred Japanese Akita Inu is not the cuddly and adorable puppy you see in the movie Hachiko. Yes, that movie shows the true loyalty and devotion of the puppy.

But Akitas can also be a bit aggressive. The thing you need to remember is that they have guarding instincts and are aloof around strangers.

Yes, the friendliness of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi will help. But you must socialize your dog, train it, and work on bite inhibition to prevent accidents.

Most importantly, do not let anyone touch your dog without permission. Pay attention to your dog’s body language whether it is comfortable or not.


Now let’s talk about training an Akita Corgi mix. How hard is it? Can anyone do it? Well, as we mentioned before, both parent breeds have a bit of a strong-willed personality. They might try to find creative and alternative ways of doing the task at hand.

Training this stubborn breed is a challenge. These dogs might be eager to take the alpha position and overthrow you as a leader.

Because of that, they need a strong and experienced leader who can guide them. Positive reinforcement is the way to go. But most importantly, establishing yourself as a leader.

Keep the training session short. These dogs do not have a long attention span.


Exercise Needs

Regular walks will suffice in most cases. Your Akita Corgi mix has a playful nature and will love a game every now and then. But generally speaking, a walk around the block is more than enough for their exercise needs.

That means they need between 30 and 45 minutes of exercise per day. Add in some mental stimulation, and you will be good to go.

For the most part, these dogs are alert and watchful, and that is what serves as exercise for them. This designer dog breed is not an active dog.

Health Issues

For the most part, large dog breeds like the Akita are more susceptible to health issues. Generally speaking, large-breed dogs have a shorter lifespan.

And this is why mixed breeds have increased in popularity. Pairing an Akita with a much healthier dog breed like the Corgi reduces the risk of health risks like hip dysplasia. The average lifespan of this designer dog is between 12 and 14 years, a bit more than the purebred Akita.


If you want to own this designer breed, I suggest investing in a reliable vacuum cleaner. They shed quite a lot because of their double coat.

And grooming is a bit taxing as well. These puppies need regular brushing to try and remove some of the dead hair. But be ready to clean your home with a vacuum cleaner almost daily.

Are They Good Family Dogs?

It is worth noting that a purebred Akita is not a good option for small children. Their sheer size and aggressive personality might make it challenging. Yes, they are affectionate with the family, but not many people feel safe with a large dog around their small children.

The good news is that the Corgi pairing solves this problem. These mixes are better suited for family life. They are friendlier, more sociable, and still affectionate with the family. Plus, they come in a smaller size.

Why Shouldn’t You Get One?

  • Shed quite a lot
  • Can have a stubborn streak
  • Might exhibit aggressive behavior

Why Should You Get One?

  • More suitable size than purebred Akita
  •  Friendlier than regular Akita
  • Regal appearance in a smaller package

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