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Do Cane Corsos Shed? The Truth Revealed

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Whether you are considering getting a Cane Corso puppy as your next pet, or you have already welcomed one, this question has to be on your mind. Does Cane Corso shed? How much do they shed if they do? Well, this is a good news bad news type of thing.

The bad news is that yes, Cane Corso dog breed sheds. But the good news is that these canines shed little to moderate. They are not high-shedding dogs.

These dogs from a noble lineage, date back to Ancient Roman times. Since then, they have been used as guardians of property, livestock, and people. Fun fact: Their name translates to “bodyguard dog” in Latin.

These highly intelligent dogs are eager to please. Yet, they can be assertive and willful. But today, we will focus on another aspect of owning a Cane Corso, and that is shedding.

Cane Corso Coat Structure

Cane Corso dog breed has a sleek, smooth coat with short hair. The good news is they have a single coat, which is why they shed lightly, not heavy. These dogs might not look like they shed, but they do. If you want to get more specific on the amount of shedding, the American Kennel Club labeled them 2 or 3 on a scale of five for shedding.

Dogs with a single coat shed less compared to breeds with a double coat. And since they also have short coat, there is not much hair to deal with.

Do Cane Corsos Shed?

As we said before, the short answer is yes, Cane Corsos do shed. Yet, that is nowhere near compared to other large breeds. Most large dogs are fluffy. If you want to compare the Cane Corso, to something like the English Mastiff, for example, the former sheds less.

For most of the year, Cane Corsos shed lightly. Yet, you can notice an increase during the shedding season. It happens two times per year.

During this period, you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair.


Are Cane Corsos Seasonal Shedders?

The Cane Corso breed is not a big seasonal shedder. They have a single coat. That means they shed evenly throughout the year, with a slight increase during the change of coat.

But unlike dogs with a double coat, Cane Corso has a single short coat. That means they do not have to change their entire undercoat in the spring and fall to prepare for the new season.

We have to note though, that in the winter, if the air in your home is dry, your guard dog will shed a bit more. Also, during the summer, these dogs might shed extra in the summer due to more sun weakening their hair follicle.

Is Cane Corso Hypoallergenic?

Cane Corso is not a hypoallergenic breed. Yes, there have been tries from a different Cane Corso breeder to get a Cane Corso hypoallergenic dog. To get that, breeders need to mix the puppy with a dog that is hypoallergenic, like the Poodle.

In some cases, Cane Corsos mixes might turn out to be hypoallergenic. But they are not purebred dogs.

So, if there is a person with a dog allergy in your home, look for another breed. Cane Corsos are not hypoallergenic.

Factors Affecting Shedding

There are many factors that can contribute to the shedding pattern of your Cane Corso. If you understand these factors, you can manage and anticipate the amount of shedding. So, now that we answered the question do Cane Corso shed, let’s take a look at the factors.

  • Coat type is a huge factor, but luckily, Cane Corsos have a short, dense, and single-layered coat. Their texture is coarse and requires minimal maintenance. Short-haired dogs shed less compared to dogs with a long coat
  • Similar to other breeds, Cane Corso shedding changes during seasonal changes. During spring and fall, they might shed more, but nothing compared to dogs with a double coat and undercoat that change their entire fur
  • Cane Corsos shed more when they lose their puppy coat. At around six months of age, your large breed will begin to lose its extra soft and fluffy puppy coat at the cost of the adult dog coat
  • Poor nutrition can contribute to more shedding than usual. You might be feeding your dog food that is inappropriate for its age, low-quality, or homemade food. In some cases, homemade food is not better than store-bought dog food
  • External parasites like fleas and mites can cause your dog to lose hair. There are many different mites and insects in the world, so make sure to prevent this by using appropriate flea medication
  • A skin infection can also cause hair loss, and make your dog shed more than usual
  • Last, but not least, pregnancy in dogs causes hormonal imbalances, similar to that in people. A female dog that is pregnant or nursing will be subject to more hair loss than usual

Does Excessive Shedding Mean Something Is Wrong?

Yes, that is possible. There are several reasons why your dog might shed more than usual. If it is not a period of seasonal change, consult with your veterinarian. These are signs of something being wrong with your Cane Corso puppy:

  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Extreme itchiness
  • Bald patches

As we talked about before, there are different reasons for excessive Cane Corso shedding, ranging from bad shampoo, poor food, chemicals in cleaning products in our homes, hormonal imbalances, and more.


Can You Minimize Shedding?

The good news is that you can make things better for your dog and your home. While you cannot stop a dog from shedding completely, you can minimize it. Yes, there are hairless dogs, but even those might shed from time to time.

The difference is how much your sheds and how often. But you can significantly reduce the amount of shedding with some proper grooming and maintenance care.

The good news is grooming is quite easy with a Cane Corso breed. You just need to brush them once every week, and that is it.

During the shedding season, you can increase the frequency of removing dead hair from your dog’s fur. Brushing also helps massage the skin. You can choose either to brush your dog for 5 to 10 minutes or vacuum for 20 to 30 minutes. The choice is yours.

When it comes to bathing, make sure to choose a good quality dog shampoo. Bathe your dog before the brushing session. Once every 4 to 6 months is more than enough.

Now, let’s talk about the diet. Cane Corsos are large dogs. We get it, it might cost you more money for food. But do not opt for cheap and low-quality food. Make sure the food has enough protein and healthy fats to promote good coat health and skin health.

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