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What Does A Boston Terrier Look Like? How To Recognize It?

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The Boston Terrier is a lively companion dog recognizable due to its tight tuxedo jacket, sporty, yet compact body, and friendly glow. Unlike other terrier breeds, he has impeccable manners that earned him the nickname, The American Gentlemen. What does a Boston Terrier look like? Can you recognize it easily?

They have a compact, short-tailed, and well-balanced body weighing no more than 25 pounds. Their stylish “tuxedo coat” can be white and black, white and brindle, or dark brown. A lot of people mistake them for a French Bulldog. But that is not the case.

Is A Boston Terrier A Bulldog?

As we said before, a lot of people mistake them for bulldogs. But that is because this dog is the result of a cross between an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier.

The AKC recognized the Boston Terrier in 1893. So, you can say they are one of the oldest breeds in the registry.

Origin Of The Breed

Boston Terriers originated in Boston around 1875. The first puppy was a cross between an English Bulldog named Judge, and a lady English Terrier named Gyp. One century later, the dog was quite popular around Boston.

Here is a fun fact. The Boston Terrier is the first United States breed. They were the first US breed to be recognized by The American Kennel Club in 1983. Originating in Boston, Massachusetts, the puppy deserves a place in the US history books.

The AKC put the puppy in the non-sporting group. In the United Kingdom, the United Kennel Club puts the puppy in a group of utility dogs. It is a group of dogs bred from a non-sporting or non-working origin, yet, bred for a specific purpose.

Nowadays, the dog breed is the official mascot and dog of Boston University.

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What Does A Boston Terrier Look Like?

We mentioned before that thanks to its looks, the puppy has earned the nickname The American Gentleman. Thanks to his dapper looks, and gentle, yet mannerly disposition, he earned the adorable nickname.

So, what does a Boston Terrier look like? This canine has a smooth, sleek shiny coat. According to the AKC breed standard, their coat is black and white, with striking similarities to tuxedos. Yes, they are also available in brindle and dark brown color.

Here is a fun fact. The first Boston terriers had a brown brindle and white coat. Nowadays, their coat is black and white, with black being the dominating color. There are white areas on the chest, legs, collar, head, and undercarriage.

But there are other Boston Terrier colors as we said before. You can even find a Blue Boston terrier. While that is a rather rare dog, it is always possible. The Brindle Boston terrier was among the first dogs of the dog breed.

Speaking of their build, they have a strong and well-proportioned build. Small and compact, with small paws, you can say they are sturdy dogs and a muscular breed.

Boston Terriers are an extremely active breed that demands regular exercise. It contributes to their muscle build and tone.

Often, they are prone to hyperactivity when they do not get enough exercise. When they become restless, they have a tendency to act out.

Their chest is broad, with a slightly arched and thickset neck. Their necks are proportionate with their overall appearance.

Classified as small dogs, they grow between 12 and 15 inches, weighing between 10 and 25 lbs. Fun fact: their ancestors weighed around 40 lbs.

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How To Make The Difference Between Boston Terrier And French Bulldog?

As we said before, it is easy to confuse these two. They do share a few of the same features. Yet, cuteness aside, let’s talk about some of their differences.

While both are small dogs, similar in size, Bostons are the more leggy of the two. French Bulldogs have an even more muscular dog build, with a larger bone structure. Bostons look leaner and more athletic when put side to side. They do have longer legs, giving them a slight edge over Frenchies in size.

Then you have to take a look at the coat color and markings. Bostons are famous for their tuxedo-style markings, while Frenchies are often single-colored, mostly white, brindle, cream, and fawn. Yes, Frenchies can come in different colors as well.

But the most distinctive difference between a Boston Terrier puppy and a French Bulldog puppy is the ears. Bostons have pointed ears, with round heads. Frenchies, on the other hand, have a square head, and distinctive bat-like ears that are moderate in size.

Both of these dogs are part of the brachycephalic breed dogs group. So, they have short snouts and broad, square jaws. Due to their flatter face, they have tiny nostrils and long palates. It makes them more susceptible to breathing health issues.

What Are Some Breeds Similar To Boston Terrier?

Now that we talked about how to make the difference between a Boston Terrier puppy and a French Bulldog, let’s take a look at some other similar dogs.

  • Rat terriers are also members of the terrier group, and they are the same size as Bostons. Yet, they have a dense and shiny coat
  • Pugs are another member of the brachycephalic breed group. They are the largest toy breed dog, roughly the same size as the Boston terrier. But the main difference is their wrinkles, and coat color. Pugs also have curly tails and folded ears, rather than erect ears
  • The last dog on the list is the Manchester terrier, which is roughly the same size as Bostons, with a fine black and tan coat

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