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11 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dogs in the last several years according to the American Kennel Club. With his sparkling gold hair, the Yorkie is a toy dog that looks amazing. But he also has a sassy attitude. This silky terrier lovse his humans and loves playing with them. What are some of the Yorkshire terrier facts we need to discuss?

Back in the day, the Yorkie was a hunting dog. He hunted rodents on farms. Because of his miniature stature, the Yorkshire Terrier could squeeze between cracks and catch any intruders in textile mills. Today, he is a pristine lap dog.

Curious, smart, and loyal pet, the Yorkie is always on the American Kennel Club top ten list of favorite dog breeds. Here are some Yorkie facts that back that claim.

Happy to Live in a Small Apartment

This pup is a great option if you live in a small apartment or any home without lots of space. Yorkie puppy doesn’t mind living in small accommodation as long as he can be near you. Yorkie loves bonding with his dog owner and needs lots of affection and love. Simply put, this dog prefers people to other dogs.

Very active dog

Remember, Yorkshire terriers were used for hunting and catching rodents back in the day. He is a full-of-energy dog. As an active dog, Yorkie loves going on walks and playing. What he lacks in size he makes up in energy. Expect your pet to jump around the house and play with you.

Gets along with Cats

This is one of the many Yorkshire terrier facts that make people fall in love with the Yorkie toy breed. This canine gets along with cats, making him suitable for an apartment with other animals.

Be Ready for High Grooming Bills

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One thing you have to know about Yorkshire terrier puppy is that this pet will need lots of grooming. When his hair grows, it can get two feet long and make it hard for your puppy to move around.

If you want to go to dog shows, you will spend even more money. Part of the Yorkie grooming process includes trimming his long hair and taking care of his nails.

You also need to bathe your Yorkie pup weekly to keep his skin and coat clean. Because he is short and travels close to the ground, the Yorkshire terrier pup picks up a lot of dirt and dust.

He is a loud barker

If you think a toy dog will not bark, think again. Yorkshire terrier puppies are big barkers. It makes a lot of sense. It is the easiest way for any small breed to get the attention of its owner and other dogs.

The first step in dog training with Yorkshire terrier is finding the reason for his barking.

Does your puppy feel insecure? Does he feel scared by something in the house? Or he simply needs more exercise to relieve some of his energy?

Yorkies get scared easily

Speaking of reasons for barking, we said Yorkie puppy gets scared easily. He might be a prideful animal and stand up for himself, but he also gets scared.

Fun fact: he rarely shows he is afraid. Instead, your little dog might shake and his feet might tremble. So, when you see him shaking, move him away from there to comfort him.

Attention dog

You can say Yorkie is an attention whore. As a social dog, he needs lots of attention. That might be a big plus for you as a pet parent. If you do not like giving loads of attention to your puppy, do not get a Yorkshire terrier.

Also, people who spend a lot of time outside their home and plan to leave their Yorkie pet home alone should reconsider their breed choice. Yorkies can easily suffer from separation anxiety. This tiny dog does not like being left alone for long periods of time.

Potty training is a challenge

Potty training is a crucial part of dog training. But with a Yorkie dog, that can get difficult and challenging. Crate training is a great way to potty train your Yorkshire terrier dog. Generally speaking, make sure to reinforce good behavior when you are outside with your puppy. That means rewards when he/she pees and poops outside.

Suffer from a Napoleon Complex

Most small dog breeds suffer from a Napoleon Complex. Yorkies are no different. They are a toy dog breed that is not hesitant to get up and show their opinion to a big dog. That means your puppy can try and dominate larger dogs. It works only when they play with a large dog with a gentle temperament.

This applies even when you have a Teacup Yorkshire terrier.

Be ready to hear jokes about Yorkies

You might hear a lot of Yorkshire terrier jokes when you get your puppy. One of the common jokes is the following, “Is that a Yorkie or an Ewok”? Eventually, you will get bored with the jokes. So practice a fake laugh for every time you hear them about your popular breed.

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