Best Heated Dog Beds – Provide Your Puppy With a Comfy Bed

You want your dog to be happy, healthy, and comfortable at all times. And you want him to be as comfortable as possible. In some cases, a standard dog bed simply is not enough.

Dogs can easily regulate their inner temperature, and they can raise their body temperature during the winter to be more comfortable, even at colder times. But it doesn’t work at all times. Some dogs just require little help.

With that in mind, what are the best heated dog beds? And how to choose one?

Well, luckily for you, we’ve gone over some of the more popular products on the market, and reviewed every single one of them.

Let’s go over the guide for how to choose best-heated dog beds.

Top 10 heated dog beds ( 2019 Review )

1. K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad

Available in six different sizes, these flat pads are the simplest solution for your dog. Perfect for dogs who sleep in their crates, the flat pads radiate back the warmth of the animal to keep them cozy and warm. And they use no electricity in the process.

You can also choose one of the three available colors. They can fit in crates that are a bit too small for the pad as well, and the non-slip bottom keeps the bed in place even if you have a hyperactive dog.

And being machine washable, they are very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Do not slip or slide around
  • Easy solution for cold
  • Does not overheat your dog
  • Machine washable


  • Thin compared to memory foam
  • Some dogs might hate it and chew it

2. Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton

Thanks to the Sherpa lining, the bed will keep your dog warm in winter, but also cool in the summer. The cave-like design makes the bed a bit more unique, and of course, stylish. It is a self-warming model, and most dogs love to be snuggled inside.

Available in three different sizes, a couple of color options also comes with a removable and washable cover. Majority of the heat produced comes from your dog’s body heat. It is lightweight, making it portable and easy to carry with you.

The downside is that if you have a dog that is not a burrower, and loves to flop around, he might not like the bed.


  • Stylish design
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer


  • High price tag
  • Not suitable for all dog sleeping styles

3. Best Friends by Sheri Pet Igloo

Designed for convenience, the bed comes with a removable pad insert for easy maintenance. Lightweight and with a roof handle, you can easily move it from one room to another, or from one house to another.

The innovative design gives your dog a bit more privacy. A cozy dog cave, it comes in six different colors. The entire bed is made of a flexible and durable material, ensuring a long-lasting product. And the best part, the entire bed is machine washable. In the same time, the material is water resistant, and you can remove the floor pad to clean the inside.

One downside, the bed comes only in one size. However, if you have a small and nervous dog who wants to be warm in the cooler months, this is a perfect option.


  • Entire material is machine washable
  • Removable pad for easy maintenance 
  • Innovative design


  • Only one size
  • Not sturdy enough on the sides

4. K&H Outdoor Heated Bed

This is an outdoor bed made by K&H. Unlike the indoors bed, this one comes with an orthopedic foam covered in an extra soft and waterproof PVC fabric. Another difference is the heat source. While the indoors bed radiates heat from the dog, this one produces heat from an electricity source. The bed features a steel-wrapped cord, ensuring safety. Designed to never heat higher than the body temperature of your pet. That is one major bonus, as some beds can overheat your dog.

Another bonus element is the ultra-soft fleece cover that can be removed and cleaned in the washer. With a one-year warranty, the bed will last as long as your dog is not a chewer.


  • Extra-warm surface
  • No overheating of the dog
  • Steel-wrapped cord


  • Heating element stays on constantly
  • Difficulty keeping the pad on the bed

5. K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper

If there is one perfect bed on the heated dog beds, this is it. A great self-heated dog bed, available in two sizes, and checks all the boxes.

The thermal dog bed utilizes six watts of power, meaning it won’t raise your electricity bill. And your dog will be warm during the night snuggling in his bed. Both the cushion and the heater can be removed for easy cleaning.

As with most K&H products, it comes with a one-year warranty. You will get a new product if something happens to the old ones. Get this bed, and your dog will be off your bed and couch, and into his own favorite place.


  • The heating element can be removed and placed in another bed
  • The cushion is removable as well 
  • Low electricity usage


  • The center is too thing
  • Needs time to heat up

6. Best Friends Fuax Fur Donut Cuddler

This donut-shaped dog bed is available in three different sizes, and covered in faux fur. While it lacks an electric heating element, it is warm enough. Largest size can fit extremely large dogs, as the dimensions are 45 x 45 inches.

Completely safe to wash, just throw in the machine and you are good to go. Being large in size, bulky, and easy to clean, it is perfect for dogs who love to drool.

One downside, your dog will have to snuggle up to the side to get warmth. And there is still not full coverage. While it is good for chilly nights inside, it is not as good for outdoor usage. One the plus side, the bottom is water resistant.


  • Big size
  • Water resistant bottom


  • Not as warm as other options
  • Faux fur

7. K&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper

This is another popular and comfortable bed made by K&H. Surrounded by extra-cushioned bolsters, the bed is self-heating. It does that by retaining your dog’s heat and keeping him cozy.

The bottom of the bed is covered in a non-slip material, ensuring stability. You can put on hardwood floors as well. There are three sizes available, small, medium, and large. Place in the washing machine for cleaning on the gentle cycle.

While it is made of soft fabric, it is quite durable and will last for a long time.


  • Durable to use in a garage or shed
  • Dogs love the comfort level


  • Pillow is too cushy
  • Pillow cannot be removed

8. Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

If it comes down to price as the deciding factor, few beds beat the Aspen Pet-Self Warming bed. It is a cheap model that gets the job done thanks to a mylar insert to provide warmth for your pet. Available in different sizes, make sure you find one for your dog.

No, it is not the warmest model out there. But it is a great value for the price you are paying. And despite the low price tag, it is quite durable. Bed comes with a non-skid bottom to keep it in one place. It can also hold its shape for an extended period of time.


  • Low price tag
  • Many different sizes and shapes


  • Hard to wash
  • The material in the bottom makes a noise

9. Best Friends Deep Dish Cuddler

As you can see, Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort produces some unique designs for the heated dog beds. This one is made to look like a deep dish. Because of its design, the bed produces a surprising amount of warmth. On top of that, it looks amazing.

Available in two sizes and different colors, the jumbo one being even suitable for large dog breeds. But it all comes down to design at the end of the day. Because it is deep, you can save a ton of space, and still have a quality product.

While it is machine washable, the jumbo one is a bit hard to put in the dryer. Sadly, the cover is not removable.


  • Waterproof bottom
  • Anti-skid qualities of the bottom
  • Jumbo version for large family dogs


  • Expensive
  • Not good for dogs who want to stretch

10. American Kennel Club Self-Heating Pet Bed

This bed would be perfect, if not for the size. Available only in one size, which is 18 x 22 inches, the bed has a hard time fitting medium-sized dogs. On the plus side, the quality is of the highest standards and comes at an affordable price.

There is no need for a power source. The bed contains reflective foil, redirecting your pet’s body heat right back toward him. It also features durable foam backing and a quilted sleeping surface. There are some bolster-like edges, providing your dog a place to lay his head.


  • Highest quality at an affordable price
  • Retains its shape through the laundry


  • Small size
  • Dogs can easily put holes in it

Why you need best heated dog beds?

You might say a heated pet bed is a gimmick. Now that might be a valuable reason not to buy one. And you have every right. However, if you take a look at all of the advantages and benefits of heated dog beds, you will see that is not the right choice.

The first and most important advantage is that heated dog beds are great for young and small dogs. Some puppies are more prone to getting cold.

Think apartment dogs like miniature pinscher, Chihuahua, Maltese dogs, German Spitz, and similar dogs that cannot stand the cold. Yes, you probably are not going to buy a heated dog bed for a Retriever.

When you have a canine that has short hair and is small in size, he might not be able to get warm during winter. Older dogs also benefit from the heated dog beds. Warmed beds can be quite therapeutic for older dogs.

They have aching joints, and a warm bed will help soothe the pain. You want your furry friend to be able to sleep comfortably through the night.

And if you live in a particularly cold area, a heated bed is a must. Think of this for a second, how many blankets you put on during the chilly winter? Well, your dog needs blankets as well.

Factors to consider

A heated bed seems like a novelty item, but there are many features and factors you want to consider. Some of these factors make a big difference between a normal heated bed, and best dog heated beds.

Keep all of these factors in the back of your head while looking for the best product.

  • Size of your dog, pretty much one of the most important factors. Size determines how big the bed will be. You want your puppy to be comfortable while sleeping
  • Your dog’s sleeping style, a major factor to consider. Does your dog sleep stretched out? Or he wants to curl up in a ball and rest his head on a pillow? Some dogs even prefer to sleep on the couch. But there is an option for all dogs
  • Is your dog sleeping inside or outside? Whether you will be using the bed outdoors or indoors is a major factor. Not all of the beds can withstand being outdoors. Some are made just for indoors use
  • Smell is a given with a dog. All dogs will eventually leave smells, drool, and a mess on his bed. That is why you need to consider ease of cleaning. If the bed is easy to clean, that is a bonus. Some are washable, others are not. Of course, electrically heated beds are not washable
  • Electric or not? This is a debate we leave to your choosing. There are heated dog beds that can be self-heating. Those are electric, but they come with other downsides. For example, you will have a hard time washing it, as water and electricity do not mix
  • Durability is another factor to consider. If you are buying an electric bed, you have to make sure your dog is over the chewing phase. If he chews on it, durability is a concern, and you can even say that the bed is dangerous
  • Last, but not least, price, and whether the bed fits into your budget. At the end of the day, we all have a budget we work with

Which dogs need a heated dog bed?

As we mentioned before, not all dogs need a heated bed. However, there are some dogs that are better off with a heated bed. For colder climates, heated beds are a godsend.

Here are other situations when you need one:

  • Senior dogs find heated beds helpful and soothing for their arthritis and joint pain issues. And as their metabolism slows down, the bed keeps them warm
  • Puppies prefer a warmer bed, as they are used to cuddling with their litter mates and their body is not as ready once they are in a new home. They might not be able to regulate their body temperature for the first few days or weeks
  • Dogs who spend most of their time outdoors will find the heated bed a welcome addition in the cooler months

Types of heated dog beds

There is more than one type of heated dog bed. Every type has its own benefits and disadvantages.

With that in mind, you have to go through all of the different types, so that you can find out which one is the best for you. The four standard beds are the following.

Bolster beds

Essentially same as any dog bed, with addition of electric heating system. That makes the bed warmer than normal for your dog.

If your dog is used sleeping in a bed with raised sides, the bolster bed might be the best option.

Heated flat pads

This is the second most common type of a heated bed. Basically, a couple of pieces of memory foam are attached to each other and then placed within a cover.

The heated flat pads bed is easy to watch and perfect for dogs who like to flop out when they are sleeping.

Outdoor beds

Specifically designed for dogs who sleep outside. They come in either of the two above mentioned forms, but they are made of tougher materials. This way, they can handle the tougher weather outside.

Heated furniture covers

If your dog loves to sleep on the furniture, you can easily just find a heated furniture cover. This way, your puppy can comfortably sleep while on the couch

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