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Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix: A Versatile Working Dog With a Heart of Gold

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When you think about the most popular and lovable dogs in the world, the Golden Retriever has to be one of them. And there is no denying the popularity of the Golden. There is a reason it is among the top 5 most popular dog breeds according to The American Kennel Club. But because of the health issues, breeders have turned to crossbreeding. Today, we will talk about the Blue Heeler Golden Retriever mix.

With its gentle and people-loving personality, the Golden is a popular breed. And that personality is what makes breeders want him for crossbreeding. On the other hand, the Blue Heeler is a true working dog.

When you combine the two puppies, the result is a versatile working dog that loves everyone around him. Let’s find out more.

Meet the Breed

The Golden Retriever Blue Heeler mix is a unique combination of working dogs. Some people call it Golden Heeler. The breed has inherited the most desirable traits from both parent dog breeds. With that in mind, prospective dog owners can expect an intelligent and hardworking canine companion.

At the same time, your dog will be as loyal as ever, and as friendly as you can imagine. Today, we will talk about all the personality traits and physical appearance traits of the hybrid breed.

In short, a Golden Heeler is a mix between an Australian Cattle Dog and a Golden Retriever. Australian Cattle Dogs come in two different coat options, blue and red. Yet, most people know them as Blue Heelers. Not many people call them Red Heeler.

Meet the Parents

Let’s begin with the parents of this amazing hybrid dog. As many of you probably know, The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize hybrid breeds. Because of that, there is no set breed standard. Yet, there are some kennel clubs, like the Designer Club and Hybrid Dog Clubs that set a standard.

Yet, if you want to know more about your prospective pet, you have to take a look at both parent dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

golden heeler5 scaled

We start off with the Golden Retriever, one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. You can say the Golden was the one to begin the designer dog trend. Among the first hybrid breeds, we have the Goldendoodle. That dog, and the Labradoodle, a mix between a Labrador Retriever and Poodle, was the one to begin the crossbreeding trend.

Breeders, and owners, wanted a dog that was hypoallergenic, but with the personality of a Golden Retriever or Labrador. More on the coat later on.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the personality traits of Golden Retrievers.

  • Known for their sociable nature, they are naturally friendly and welcoming with people and other animals
  • Highly affectionate, they love to be close to their family
  • Famous for eating everything and anything they get their hands on
  • Typically gentle and patient, especially with children, Goldens are among the best family pets
  • They are quick to pick up on commands and cues, scoring high in obedience training and similar activities
  • Exceptionally loyal dogs that will form a strong bond with their family. Some people even describe them as Velcro dogs because they tend to be close to their family as much as possible
  • Playful with a youthful spirit, the best description for this breed is a puppy that never grows old
  • Highly energetic, they might be calm indoors, but once they go out of the household, they go wild
  • Goldens thrive in social settings and get along with all other animals
  • Reliable and consistent, these working dogs can fill almost any role, from therapy dogs to search and rescue dogs

Blue Heeler

golden heeler6

Now let’s take a look at the Blue Heeler parent breed. Also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, this unique canine is also quite popular. You can say it is one of the more popular working dogs around. Now, we have to note this is a herding dog with a strong herding instinct. This is probably why many breeders use it for crossbreeding, trying to reduce that instinct.

For example, the Labrador Retriever Heelers Mix is another popular option. Let’s take a look at some of the best personality traits of Blue Heelers.

  • Exceptionally intelligent dogs, they are quick learners and rank among the smartest dog breeds
  • They have an amazing ability to problem-solve everything and think independently
  • They have a high level of energy and stamina and are able to work all day long. Or train all day long
  • Naturally alert and vigilant, their herding instinct might come into play and be watchful
  • They are independent thinkers, which many people can classify as stubbornness. But they just have a mind of their own
  • Strong working ethic, these canines excel in roles that require herding, or controlling and managing people around them
  • They have a protective nature and are loyal to their family
  • Might be wary of strangers and act as watchdogs and guard dogs
  • Amazingly loyal pet, making a strong bond with its family and owners
  • They do not trust other animals, they have a herding instinct that will show especially when they are around small animals. They perceive them as things they need to control
  • Quite vocal and will often use barking to communicate with its owners
  • Territorial because of their herding nature, they are protective of their living space and possessions

Origin Of The Breed

The Golden Heeler has recently been popularized as a hybrid breed. The dog is a beautiful combination of a Golden Retriever and an Australian Cattle Dog.

When it comes to the history of the crossbreeds, it dates back to the 20th century. This is when breeders began experimenting with crossbreeding different dogs.

On the other hand, the Golden Retriever was created by Lord Tweedmouth in 1868 by mixing a wavy-coated retriever and a tweed water spaniel. Blue Heelers were also created in the 19th century during the expanding cattle ranche period in the Australian grasslands.

golden heeler

Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix Appearance

As we said before, there is no set breed standard by The American Kennel Club. We cannot say for sure how a Golden Heeler puppy will look. What we can say is that there are some traits that they often inherit from their parents.

The combination of a Blue Heeler and a Golden Retriever results in an attractive canine. The physical traits depend mostly on what genes they inherit from each parent dog breed. For example, if they take on more of the Blue Heeler parent, they might have some speckles and a shorter coat.

On the other hand, if the puppy takes more of the Golden Retriever parent breed, the coat will be longer and shinier.

Most of these canines grow between 30 and 70 pounds in weight, and 18 to 24 inches in height. We can classify that as a medium-sized body. They pack up a lot of muscles, similar to other working dogs. After all, when you work all day, you are bound to have some lean muscles, right?

Coat color might vary, but this designer dog often takes a golden-reddish color with white patterns on the face, feet, and chest.

Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix Temperament

There is a reason why breeders have tried to mate these two canines. Both breeds are among the most popular pets in their category. For example, there are few better retriever dogs than the Golden. This family pet has a gentle and loving temperament.

And on the other side, we have the Blue Heeler, praised for its working abilities and herding abilities. Combine the two together, and you have an incredibly intelligent working dog that loves to please its owners and is friendlier with people and other animals.

The biggest downsides of the Blue Heeler are its guarding and protective nature. This puppy is a guardian by nature and might be wary of strangers and other animals. Enter the Golden genes, and you have a much more sociable and friendly puppy.

Your mixed breed should have a well-rounded temperament, perfect for families looking for a loyal and active pet. Plus, they now love to play with other pets. We have to note, that socialization is always important when taking care of a working and herding dog.

Are They Good Guard Dogs?

Blue Heelers are one of the best watchdogs. Their alertness and instinct are second to none. But that guarding ability and sense is one of the reasons why breeders and pet parents wanted a mixed puppy. The Golden, on the other hand, is average at best, even a lousy guard dog and defender. He is more sociable and friendly than watchful.

While your Golden Retriever Blue Heeler mix will retain some of its guarding instincts, it will not be as wary toward strangers and other animals. They will still try to protect their owner though.

golden heeler2

Are They Good Family Pets?

If you are looking for a competent, active, intelligent, and loyal pet, you should definitely consider a Golden Heeler puppy.

This pet has its own charm and well-rounded temperament. We can say they will bring tons of joyful moments to your home. These canines are friendly by nature, both with other pets and their owner.

They also have a huge amount of patience with children. And if you have toddlers, they will match their energy level as well.

Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix Training

Training a working dog is always an easier task compared to other animals.

Why? Because working dogs are obedient by nature. They love to work and train. The trick is finding what motivates your dog and cater to his instincts. We have to note, these dogs are incredibly intelligent. If you do not raise your game to be on their level, they will get bored. And a bored dog is never a good option.

When dogs get bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves. Sometimes, that might mean trying to outsmart you.

Exercise Needs

Both parent breeds are incredibly active dogs. That means their offspring will have a huge amount of energy as well. To remain healthy, these puppies need plenty of exercise. Daily walks will not cut it. They need a bit more playtime, obedience training, and some mental stimulation activities.

The good news is they can play fetch all day long. That is where the retrieving genes kick in. Or, you can try to cater to your dog’s herding instincts.

Generally speaking, they need at least 45 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix Health Issues

Both of the parent breeds have their strengths and weaknesses. The Blue Heeler is an amazing all-around dog but is not as friendly and as social. That is where the Golden helps. On the other hand, the Golden is an amazing dog, but with tons of health issues. Golden Retrievers are among the least healthy dogs around. This is where the always-healthy Heeler comes in.

As a general rule of thumb, mixed breed dogs live longer than purebred. They are healthier. Yet, this mixed puppy still has some health concerns and risks, including:

  • Canine hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Deafness
  • Cataracts
  • Patellar luxation
  • Ear infections

Their lifespan is between 10 to 13 years. Make sure to provide your dog with a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise, and take him to the vet for regular checkups to increase his lifespan.

golden heeler4

Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix Grooming

This hybrid dog can inherit either a short coat or a long coat, depending on the genes of its parents. And depending on what type of coat they inherit, grooming is different.

If they take up on the genes of their Golden Retriever parent, they will have a long and shiny coat that needs plenty of grooming. To put it in perspective, brushing two to three times per week. A Blue Heeler coat needs brushing only once per week.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

One of the reasons why people fell in love with mixed breed puppies is the coat. Or the hypoallergenic coat to be precise. But that applies mostly to Poodle mixes. When you mix two dogs that are not hypoallergenic, you cannot get a hypoallergenic breed.

Sadly, Heelers and Goldens shed. The former moderately, while the latter heavy.

Why Shouldn’t You Get One?

  • The dog might be a heavy shedder
  • They still retain some of the guarding instincts of the Blue Heeler
  • Not as healthy mixed breed

Why Should You Get One?

  • Sociable dog with working abilities
  • Gentle and loving demeanor
  • One of the better dogs to train

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