Toy Australian Shepherd – How Big Do These Puppies Get?

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You have probably heard about the Australian Shepherd, and what an awesome dog this canine is. But do you know that the Aussie is available in three different sizes? No, The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize different sizes. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a Toy Australian Shepherd. Identical to the standard Australian Shepherd, […]

Auggie Dog Breed – Everything You Need To Know About This Adorable Corgi Mix


Today, we will talk about an interesting mixed-breed dog. That is the Auggie dog, a name given to the offspring of Australian Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Here is a fun fact. For this mix, breeders prefer to mix the Miniature Australian Shepherd, to get a smaller dog. The result is a friendly, energetic, playful […]

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix – Herding Dogs Come Together


Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are two of the most popular herding dogs nowadays. You might put the Australian Cattle dog in there, but those are the favorites. Now, you might be thinking, why a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix? Why not get one of the two? Well, this puppy has inherited some of the […]

How To Train An Australian Shepherd – Challenges Of Herding Breeds

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Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs that have a solid build and a high amount of energy. They are among the smartest dogs and thrive when properly trained. As a working dog breed, Aussies want to train, as long as you do it properly. Yes, there are challenges with a herding breed, but that is why […]

Australian Cattle Dog vs Australian Shepherd – Same Name, Different Origin

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These two have the name Australian in them. And you might think they are related. Despite their similar names, they are surprisingly different. Today, we will take a look at the Australian Cattle Dog versus Australian Shepherd dog breed comparison. Both are traditional herding dog breeds, intelligent, energetic, and quite active. But there is a […]

12 Things You Need to Know Before Getting an Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd is a beautiful dog. Devoted, smart, this dog is everything you could want in a dog. But this pup is not for everyone. There are many things you need to know before an Australian Shepherd dog. What is the dog like? Can you train it easily? Do they require a lot of exercise? […]

Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd – Herding Dog Breeds Comparison

border collie vs australian shepherd

Do you think Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd dilemma is unnecessary? Are there the same dog? Do they share the same features and personality traits? No, even though both are shepherd dogs and herding dog breeds. While they are quite similar in many ways, for example, they require plenty of exercises and outdoor time, they […]