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Chow Chow Australian Shepherd Mix – How Did These Two Come Together?

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The Chow Chow Australian Shepherd mix is a unique dog. You might think these two have nothing in common. And you are partly right. The Chow Chow is a Chinese dog breed, while the Australian Shepherd comes from, well, Australia. At first glance, they are so distant and different, you might think they have no chance of coming together.

Well, breeders sometimes love putting two unimaginable things together. That is how we got this medium sized dog, a loyal companion that will thrive in active families.

Now, we have to note that these dogs are not that popular and you might have a harder time finding one. But if you get your hands on a Chow Chow Australian Shepherd mix, do not hesitate to get it.

Meet the Breed

The Australian Shepherd Chow Chow mix is a unique blend of two amazing breeds. The result is a dog with a charming physical attributes and captivating personality traits. The dog often inherits a semi-erect ear type, which gives him an expressive and alert appearance.

They have a long tail, adding to their graceful movement and overall balance. One of the defining features of the dog is the luxurious double coat. Their coat can be long and dense, requiring regular grooming.

What we have to remember is that any mixed breed dog doesn’t fall into the standard of the American Kennel Club. The AKC doesn’t recognize mix breed dogs, so there is no set standard. Your dog can look differently, depending on the traits it inherits from the parent breed.

But we guarantee you get an adorable and loyal companion that will bring joy to your household.

Meet the Parents

As we said before, the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize mixed breed dog breeds. So, because of that, there is no certain standard. To get a better understanding of your future pet, you have to look at the two parent breeds. Let’s take a look.

Chow Chow

aussie chow chow3

We start off with the Chow Chow parent breed. This Chinese dog is famous for its distinctive appearance and unique personality traits. Now, while each dog is different, there are some common personality traits. Unlike the Chow Chow Australian Shepherd mix, the Chow Chow parent breed is recognized by the AKC. That means there are certain standards.

With that in mind, here are some personality traits of the Chow Chow dog.

  • Famous for being fiercely loyal to the family, often creating strong bonds with owners
  • Chow Chow can be very protective of its owners
  • Independent dogs that can be a bit aloof
  • They do not seek constant attention or affection, preferring to have their own space and time
  • They are reserved with strangers, but with early socialization, they can be more accepting of new people
  • Dignified and regal, carrying themselves with confidence and pride
  • Territorial, with watchdog instincts and nature
  • Famous for their stubborn streak, training might be a bit more challenging and require patience and consistency
  • They are not overly vocal. In fact, most people will say this is one of the quietest dog breeds
  • They are known for their cleanliness and they often groom themselves as cats

Australian Shepherd

aussie chow chow4

Now let’s talk about the Australian Shepherd parent breed. This dog originates from Australia, where it was used for herding. Often called the Aussie, this dog is famous for its intelligence, agility, and versatility.

Over the years, this herding dog has made its way to families as a pet, and not a worker. Families love its beautiful coat, but they also adore its intelligence and trainability. Let’s take a look at the common personality traits of the breed.

  • Highly intelligent dogs, they fall into the top 10 smartest dogs in the canine world
  • Quick learners that excel in obedience training and canine sports like agility and parkour
  • Famous for their loyalty to the family, they will be protective of owners
  • Their alert nature makes them an excellent watchdog
  • Aussies are aware of their surroundings and may bark to alert their owners
  • They were bred to be a herding dog, so they may exhibit herding behaviors such as nipping or chasing
  • They are adaptable, and while they used to live and work on farms, they can thrive in different environments as long as they get enough physical exercise and mental stimulation
  • Playful nature makes them a great addition to active families
  • They are independent thinkers and may try to solve problems on their own
  • They use their voice to communicate, so be ready for a vocal breed

Chow Chow Australian Shepherd Mix Appearance

As we said before, these two are similar in their appearance. They both have a double beautiful coat. But they come in different colors, making their offspring difficult to predict. Chow Chow is all white, while Aussies come in three colors.

The end result in terms of coloring is usually a white dog with Australian Shepherd facial features. Imagine turning an Australian Shepherd into a cuddly bear and adding even more volume. Both these dogs have long coat, so the crossbreed will have a thick and fluffy coating.

Size-wise, parents are medium-sized dogs, so the offspring will grow between 18 and 22 inches in size, weighing between 30 to 70 pounds.

Now, depending on which genetics they inherit, these mix breed dogs can be either sturdy and heavy, or more athletic.

aussie chow chow2

Chow Chow Australian Shepherd Mix Temperament

Every single dog is unique and different. Depending on how you raise them, they will develop their personality and temperament. Yet, there are some genetics that you have to take into account.

Some personality traits are more prevalent in certain breeds. Now, when you have a crossbreed dog, the temperament can go in many different ways. They can take after one parent, after another, or they can end up with a mixture of both parents.

For example, the Aussie Chow Chow mix should definitely be watchful and alert. Both parents carry this personality trait, so that is a given. But then, whether the dog will be more vocal like the Aussie, or quiet like the Chow Chow, you have to wait and see.

Another thing that is a given is the friendliness of the breed. You can expect a social and playful dog that will love spending time with its owners and parents. Yet, they might be distant to strangers.

These dogs love to feel like they are part of the pack. Yet, at the same time, they have an independent streak. Do not leave them alone for too long.

Chow Chow Aussie Mix Training

This is one area where there might be challenges. Both parent breeds can be a bit stubborn and independent. The good news is that if your dog picks up skills like the Aussie, training will be a breeze. The Australian Shepherd is among the smartest dogs in the world. The same cannot be said about the Chow Chow.

What we can tell you for sure is that with positive reinforcement, you can go a long way. Make sure to add some mental stimulation to the proper training process.

Another thing to note is that crate training is quite important for any dog, but even more for dogs that are prone to separation anxiety. To learn more about crate training and crates, click here.

Exercise Needs

As we said before, both parent breeds can be active, but the Aussie is hyperactive. When it comes to exercise needs, I have to stress that it applies to both physical and brain activity.

Generally speaking, your hybrid breed puppy should get at least 45 minutes of exercise per day. Anything more than that is a bonus that will reflect in a calmer pet. Anything lower than that, and you might have some challenges around the home.


These two are considered generally healthy breeds. Yes, they do suffer from the usual problems that most large dogs have, like hip dysplasia. But they are generally healthy. Herding breed dogs have better health.

And at the end of the day, these are more on the medium-size than on the large size spectrum.

aussie chow chow

Grooming Needs

If you want an Australian Shepherd Chow mix, be ready for dog hair. These dogs are heavy shedders. Their beautiful thick double coat comes with plenty of fluff.

You need to brush them at least two times per week to keep their coat shiny and beautiful. The more you brush them, the more you manage the shedding.

Why You Shouldn’t Get One?

  • Heavy shedders that will require constant grooming
  • Their strong personality requires firm and consistent leadership
  • If they inherit Aussie genetics, they can be quite vocal

Why You Should Get One?

  • This dog has a moderate amount of energy, making him suitable for active families
  • Their beautiful coat will give you a personal cuddly bear
  • They love to spend time with their family

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