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Maremma vs Great Pyrenees: Can You Tell the Difference Between Sheepdogs?

Maremma vs Great Pyrenees

Today, I want to talk about two rather unknown breeds. We cannot talk every day about the most popular dog breeds, right? Today, we will take a look at two amazingly beautiful sheep dogs. I am sure not many of you have heard of the fluffy Maremma Sheepdog and the Great Pyr. Yes, I’ve written […]

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Great Pyrenees: Choosing Your Gentle Giant

bernese mountain dog vs great pyrenees

When considering a fluffy companion to add to the family, the Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees are two breeds that often come to mind. They share a striking presence with their thick fur and large stature, yet they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. The Bernese Mountain Dog hails from the Swiss mountains […]

Do Shock Collars Work On Great Pyrenees? Are There Alternative Training Methods?

great pyraneese shock collar e1703499290526

If you are a Great Pyrenees owner, you probably know this dog breed is intelligent and independent. Sometimes, their independence can border with stubbornness. All dogs need proper obedience training, but Great Pyrenees even more. Why? This large dog can look dangerous to outsiders, and the smallest sign of aggression will make you look irresponsible. […]

Male vs Female Great Pyrenees – Which One Should You Get?

Male vs Female Great Pyrenees e1703464898116

Debating between a male dog and a female dog has always been interesting. Dog owners and pet parents around the world take into consideration everything before they adopt a puppy. And sometimes, yes, even the gender of the dog breed comes into consideration. Is there a difference between male vs female Great Pyrenees? Yes, there […]

Can a Great Pyrenees Kill a German Shepherd? We Have The Answer!

great pyraneese gsd e1702852993195

When you think of large dogs, the Great Pyrenees breed definitely makes the cut. And when you think of a large breed with amazing guardian instincts, then the Great Pyrenees comes to mind again. But will a guard dog ever attack other dogs? Is the Great Pyrenees dangerous? Can a Great Pyrenees kill a German […]

Will A Great Pyrenees Attack An Intruder? Let’s Resolve The Myth

Great Pyrenees

Looking at the Great Pyrenees dog breed, you might think it is a dangerous canine. People often ask questions are Great Pyrenees dogs considered mean dogs? But the reality is quite different. Bred to be working and livestock guard dogs, they are pure love and affection. Today, we will talk about whether a Great Pyrenees […]