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Cavachon vs Cavapoo: How and Where to Find Your Doodle Companion

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When folks are thinking about welcoming a furry friend into their home, the decision can be quite a head-scratcher, especially if they are narrowing it down to two adorable breeds like the Cavapoo and Cavachon. I’ve been in the same boat myself. For example, when I got Milo, I was thinking between a Beagle and a Jack Russell Terrier. Eventually, I chose Jacks, but I took a hard and long look at both breeds.

I want to help you make an educated decision yourself. That is why, we will talk about the differences between Cavachon vs Cavapoo dog. Let’s figure out which of these cuddly companions would be the best addition to your family.

Both breeds are a mix involving a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Cavapoo is part Cavalier and part Poodle, while the Cavachon blends a Cavalier with a Bichon Frise.

I’ve read that Cavapoos might tip the scales from anywhere between 7 to 18 pounds while a Cavachon’s weight typically hovers between 15 to 20 pounds. That could certainly be a factor to think about for someone living in a smaller space, or just preferring a lighter lapdog.

It’s important to consider their looks, too, right?

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Cavapoos often have that teddy bear appearance with a wavy to curly coat inherited from their Poodle parent, which also means they usually shed less.

Cavachons, on their part, flaunt a fluffier look with their longer, wavier coats—so cozy to pet but potentially needing more regular grooming.

It’s all these little things that add up to make the big decision whether you’re leaning towards the lively and curly-coated Cavapoo or the fluffy and affectionate Cavachon.

Key Takeaways

  • Cavapoos are part Poodle and can be lighter, while Cavachons are generally a wee bit heavier
  • The Cavapoo could be the top pick for less shedding, thanks to its Poodle genes
  • If you’re after a more chill buddy who’s always up for snuggles, the Cavachon might just steal your heart

Understanding the Breeds

I’ve always found a special kind of joy talking about dogs. Even more when they come from such charming lineages like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the fun-loving Bichon Frise and the clever Poodle. Let’s take a look at the Cavapoo vs Cavachon dog breed comparison. These two designer breeds come from some of the best apartment dogs.

When you look at designer dogs – those adorable mixed breeds that have been stealing hearts, like the Cavachon and the Cavapoo – a big part of their appeal comes from their purebred parents. Each breed brings its own special sauce to the mix, making the pups the best of both worlds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lineage

The story of the Cavachon and the Cavapoo begins with a favorite canine, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This sweetheart of a dog carries all the traits of a classic companion animal – they’re about as affectionate and adaptable as they come. Being folksy and friendly, they make friends easily and add a gentle, loving spirit to their offspring. These pooches wear their hearts on their sleeves and nestle there like they were born to cuddle.

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Cavapoos can come in different sizes, depending on the Poodle parent. Whether it is a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle, Cavapoo dogs can be smaller or bigger.

Key Traits of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

  • Affectionate: They love company and make excellent lap dogs
  • Adaptable: They can thrive in various living conditions
  • Size: Ideal for someone who likes a dog that isn’t too big or too small

Bichon Frise and Poodle Contributions

Now let’s talk about the Bichon Frise and the Poodle, the other halves of the Cavachon and Cavapoo puzzle.

Bichon Frises are like the comedians of the dog world, always ready to play and give you a good laugh with their goofy antics. They’re little balls of energy and affection.

On the other hand, we have Poodles, serious brainiacs who tote along genes for cleverness and a fancy coat that’s pretty easy on the allergy sufferers.

Here’s the lowdown on what each of these breeds brings to the Cavachon and Cavapoo:

Bichon Frise:

  • Playful: You’ll never get bored with their playful nature
  • Small Size: Just the right size for cozy spaces and laps


  • Intelligent: They’re quick learners, which is great for training
  • Hypoallergenic Coat: Less shedding is a relief for our noses and our floors

Physical Traits

When I look at the Cavachon vs Cavapoo comparison, I’m always struck by the differences and similarities in their looks. Let me share some details on coat variations and their distinct size and statures, so you get a clearer picture.

Coat Colors and Textures

I’ve noticed the Cavachon sports a coat that can be silky to the touch, with a mix of colors like white, tan, and sometimes red. This hybrid often exhibits a wavy or even curly coat, giving it a fluffy and attractive look.

On the other hand, the Cavapoo’s coat varies a bit more because of the Poodle genes. This means their coats can range from a wool-like texture to a soft fleece, and they can also come in similar colors to Cavachons, with that added variety thanks to the Poodle’s influence.

Size and Appearance

Talking about their sizes, Cavapoos and Cavachons are both small dogs, but they’re not exactly the same. After all, we have to consider that Bichon Frise and Cavalier Spaniel dogs are different in size. Also, there is no breed standard set by the American Kennel Club. If you have a Cavapoo from a Toy Poodle, that dog will be smaller. But if the Poodle parent is a Miniature Poodle, then it is a different story.


The Cavapoo’s weight ranges from around 7 to 18 pounds, and from what I’ve seen, they’re a little powerhouse. They usually stand at a height of up to 13 inches.

Now, for the Cavachon, they tend to be a tad bit heavier, with the scales tipping at about 15 to 20 pounds. Regarding their height, they’re pretty close to the Cavapoo, generally between 10 and 13 inches.

When I look at them, what stands out is their adorable appearance that really grabs people’s hearts, thanks to that shared Cavalier King Charles Spaniel heritage.

Personality and Temperament

When thinking about these adorable pups, their personality traits can really warm your heart. They’re both known to be affectionate and sociable little companions that fit right into family life.

The Heart of the Home

I’ve noticed that both Cavachons and Cavapoos have a lot in common when it comes to being the center of attention at home.

They’re the type of dogs that will always be up for a cuddle and will stick by your side whether you’re chilling on the couch or working at your desk. They share those loving traits that make you feel like you’re never alone.

  • Affection: They’ve got plenty of love to give, and they’re not shy about showing it
  • Friendly: Expect a warm welcome for you and your guests
  • Sociable: Both breeds get along well with other pets and are great with kids

Energy and Playfulness

When I play with a Cavachon or a Cavapoo, it’s like their energy can instantly lift my spirits.

The Cavapoos tend to be a bit more on the lively side, thanks to their Poodle parentage. They need regular walks and games to keep them happy.

Meanwhile, Cavachons are slightly more relaxed – they love playtime, but they won’t go stir-crazy if the weather isn’t ideal for a long walk.

  • Energy Level: Cavapoos are energetic and thrive with exercise; Cavachons are calm but still enjoy a game of fetch
  • Exercise: A brisk walk will satisfy a Cavachon, while a Cavapoo might be up for a bit more adventure
  • Intelligence: Training is fun for these smarty-pants; they catch on to games and commands quickly
  • Playful: Both breeds will keep you smiling with their playful antics

Health and Lifespan

When it comes to our furry pals, their well-being and how long they can be part of our lives is super important. Let’s talk about what health issues these breeds might face and what you and I can do to help these pups live full, happy lives.

Common Health Conditions

I’ve noticed that both Cavapoos and Cavachons can run into a few health problems during their lives, just like any other breed. Here’s what you might expect:

  • Atopic Dermatitis: This is a skin condition that causes itchiness and discomfort. It can be managed, but it sure is a pain for our little friends
  • Hip Dysplasia: Sometimes the hip joints don’t fit together right, causing pain and movement issues. Keeping an eye out for this is key for our dog’s quality of life
  • Heart Defects: These breeds can have heart issues, which is sad but true. Regular check-ups can keep their hearts ticking right
  • Luxating Patella: This is a fancy term for a knee problem where the kneecap pops out of place. It’s not fun for the pups, so let’s watch out for this
  • Eye Conditions: They can get various eye problems, which can mess with their vision. I always make sure my pups’ eyes look clear and healthy
  • MVD (Mitral Valve Disease): A heart condition that’s especially something us Cavachon owners keep an eye on

Caring for a Longer Life

pexels maheshwar reddy 83083257 166328092 scaled

Now, let’s talk about keeping our canine companions with us for as many years as possible. These are the things I do to try and make sure my dogs live to a ripe old age:

  1. Regular Exercise: I make sure they get to move around plenty—helps keep them fit and reduces the risk of issues like hip dysplasia. Plus, it’s a blast
  2. Routine Vet Visits: I’m on a first-name basis with my vet. Staying on top of health screenings can catch problems early
  3. Proper Diet: I’m all about feeding my dogs healthy meals to avoid extra pounds that can stress their little bodies
  4. Dental Care: Many folks forget about their dog’s teeth, but I brush their choppers regularly to prevent nasty dental issues

Care and Grooming

When it comes to keeping these adorable dogs looking their best and feeling happy, it’s all about understanding their unique needs.

Maintaining a Healthy Coat

For me, there’s something super rewarding about brushing a dog’s coat until it shines. Both the Cavachon and Cavapoo need regular grooming, but their needs are a bit different thanks to their coat types.

While neither is truly hypoallergenic, Cavapoos tend to shed less because of their Poodle heritage.

  • Cavachon: Expect a wavy coat that’s soft to the touch. They’ll need brushing a few times a week to avoid tangles
  • Cavapoo: They’ve got curly or wavy coats that can mat easily, which means I’m reaching for the brush more often—daily, to be exact

Remember, a shiny coat isn’t just about looks; it’s a sign of good health!

Exercise and Diet

If you’re like me and enjoy a good run in the park or a quiet evening stroll, you’ll love that both Cavachons and Cavapoos have got a decent amount of energy to burn every day.

Their exercise needs aren’t over the top, but they do need regular playtime and walks to stay in tip-top shape.

  • Energy Levels
    • Cavachon: Moderate; a good play session or walk will do
    • Cavapoo: A tad higher energy and might need a bit more activity

As for food, it’s not just about filling the bowl; it’s about what goes into it.

Diet and nutrition are super important. A balanced diet that fits their size, age, and energy levels will keep their tails wagging.

Opt for quality dog food with the right nutrients, and don’t forget to keep fresh water handy.

Training and Socialization

When it comes to bringing a new pup into my life, I know that teaching them to behave and getting them comfortable with friends and family are top priorities.

White and tan Cavachon lying on a wood floor

Training isn’t just about tricks; it’s about helping them fit into the household and making sure they’re happy and easy to live with.

Getting Along with Others

It’s super important for my puppy to get along with other dogs and people. For this, socialization is key.

Socialization means my pup gets to meet a bunch of different people and animals in a safe way.

It’s sort of like taking a kiddo to the playground where they learn to play nice.

I let my pup meet neighbors, friends, and other friendly pups in a controlled environment, always doubling down with lots of pats and treats for good behavior. This is where positive reinforcement training comes in.

  • Positive Reinforcement Training:
    • Use treats and praise to reward good behavior
    • Avoid shouting or punishment, which can scare or confuse my pup

Learning New Tricks

As for learning new tricks, both Cavapoos and Cavachons can be quick learners, which makes my job as their teacher a lot easier.

They’ve got the brains and the energy for it, but it’s up to me to make the training process fun and rewarding.

Both breeds respond really well to positive reinforcement; it’s like their favorite treat!

  • Cavapoos: Energetic and eager to please, which makes them pick up tricks pretty quickly
  • Cavachons: They might start with a bit less energy, but they’re generally super keen to learn just to make me happy

In my experience, patience and consistency are my best friends in training any pup.

I always keep sessions short and sweet to make sure my furry buddy stays interested and doesn’t get too tired.

Living with a Cavapoo or Cavachon

When thinking about welcoming a Cavapoo or Cavachon into my home, I consider how they’ll fit into the family and their ability to adapt to where I live. Both are small hybrid puppies that come with big personalities.

Family Integration

I’ve found that both Cavapoos and Cavachons have heaps of love to give, making them wonderful family pets.

They’re great with children, always ready to play and snuggle. It’s like their life mission to be a part of every family hug and movie night. To them, everyone’s a friend, and this includes other pets.

Sure, it’s important to introduce them properly, but it’s amazing how quickly they become part of the pack.

cavapoo haircut 2

However, there’s a little thing called separation anxiety to think about.

These little dogs can miss me something fierce if I’m gone for too long. So, I make sure there is always someone around or plan activities to keep them busy.

They thrive on attention, and rightly so, why have such a loving pet if not to spend time with them?

Adapting to Your Environment

These furry friends are quite flexible. I’ve seen Cavapoos and Cavachons adapt to different environments, whether it’s a small apartment or a house with a big backyard.

They don’t need lots of space, but they do need my love and time.

Living in a smaller space? No biggie. I just make sure my small dog gets enough exercise to stay healthy and happy.

It’s always fun accompanying them on their little zoomies – indoors or out.

If I’m part of an active family, that’s perfect. These dogs can keep pace with an active lifestyle, always eager to go for walks or play in the park.

With the right balance of exercise and down-time, they’ll be as content as can be at home.

Cost and Considerations

When you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, budget is a big part of the decision. Let’s talk dollars and sense, and figure out if a Cavachon or Cavapoo fits into your life. If you want to find Cavapoo and Cavachon puppies, always look for a reputable breeder.

Initial and Ongoing Expenses

Getting a new puppy, whether it’s a Cavachon or a Cavapoo puppy, means shelling out some cash upfront. I’m talking about the price tag that comes with your pup, plus all the initial supplies.

Now, these pups aren’t usually what you’d call cheap. You might find prices ranging from $400 to $2,000, depending on where you’re looking. Break that piggy bank if you have to!

But that’s just the start. We’ve got to chat about other costs like vet visits, vaccinations, food, and pet insurance.

These little guys will likely need the usual puppy stuff, from a leash and collar to toys and bedding. Plus, regular stuff like grooming and health check-ups. Here’s a little breakdown to give you an idea:

  • Initial Costs:
    • Puppy price: $400 – $2,000
    • Supplies (Bed, collar, leash, etc.): $100 – $300
    • Initial vet visit and vaccinations: $100 – $200
  • Ongoing Costs per month:
    • High-quality dog food: $20 – $60
    • Grooming (if you don’t DIY): $30 – $60
    • Pet insurance (optional but can be a lifesaver): $30 – $50
    • Miscellaneous (treats, toys, etc.): $20 – $50

Remember, every dog’s needs are unique, and so will be your expenses. So, once you find available puppies, take a look at their health history. See if their parents had any major health issues. This will help you prevent future problems with your own Cavachon puppy or Cavapoo puppy.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding which breed to welcome into your family is a big deal. For me, it’s not just about the price—it’s about the love and companionship these little furballs offer.

If you’ve got a soft spot for cuddly, loyal friends, both Cavachon puppies and Cavapoo dogs are there to fill that spot. They’re known to be super friendly and playful, making them great for families. I can vouch for that; their affectionate nature is something else!

Cavachon dogs, with their adorable Blenheim or tricolor coats, are a mix of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These guys are adaptable and fit well in various living situations. Meanwhile, Cavapoos, those cute, cuddly crossbreeds between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle, are also famously friendly. Plus, they’ve got this thing called hybrid vigor, which can mean fewer health worries in the long run.

Spotting the key differences comes down to your personal preference and lifestyle. Do you have the space for a slightly bigger dog, or prefer one that might need a touch less grooming? Think about what vibes with you and your family’s rhythm.

Choosing your new four-legged buddy should be about finding that match that feels right in your heart—and fits your budget, too. After all, it’s not just about getting a pet; it’s about adding a new member to your family crew.

cavachon vs cavapoo infographic

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