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Havapoo vs Cavapoo: How to Tell the Difference Between Poodle Mixes?

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If you’re on the fence about which fluffy companion to bring into your home, you’re not alone. Deciding between a Havapoo and a Cavapoo can be quite a pickle, especially when they both have those irresistible puppy eyes and wagging tails.

Both the Havapoo and the Cavapoo are mixed breeds that have captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. A Havapoo is a mix between a Havanese and a Poodle, while a Cavapoo blends the qualities of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Poodle.

These adorable pooches are not only companions that can fit in nearly any living space, but they also come with a bundle of joy and energy.

I’ve found that despite their similarities, each breed has its own unique personality and care needs.

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Like any dog, they’ll need your love, attention, and commitment, but they’ll pay you back with unwavering loyalty and laughter, day in and day out.

Now, you might be curious about their sizes or how easy they are to train. Don’t worry, I will answer all your questions.

From grooming to playtime, each dog breed has its own set of characteristics that might just sway your decision to one side or the other. So, let’s dive in and figure out which of these precious pups is the right fit for your family. Let’s take a look at the Havapoo vs Cavapoo dog breed comparison.

Key Takeaways

  • Havapoos and Cavapoos are both mixed breeds that make excellent companions for various households
  • Each breed has unique care needs, personality traits, and physical characteristics
  • Consideration of their training, size, and lifestyle fit is essential when choosing between a Havapoo or a Cavapoo

What Are Havapoo and Cavapoo

Let me give you a bit of insight into the adorable world of Havapoos and Cavapoos. These cuddly pups are the result of mixing specific breeds to create a dog with a lovely blend of traits.

Origin and Parent Breeds

Have you ever wondered where these fluffy friends got their start?

Well, the Havapoo is a cross between a Havanese and a Poodle. Often, their Poodle parent is either a toy Poodle or a miniature Poodle variety, which means Havapoos are on the small side, super manageable for anyone with less space at home. The Havanese is a Cuban national dog, full of charm and always ready to snuggle.

On the flip side, a Cavapoo combines a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Again, the Poodle might be of the toy Poodle or miniature Poodle kind, which makes Cavapoos small to medium in size. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for their gentle nature and how well they fit into family life, just like a comfy sofa fits in a living room.

havapoo 2

Both Havapoos and Cavapoos are hybrids, taking the best parts of their parent breeds. In fact, a lot of folks turn to these hybrid breeds because they often bring together the cleverness and low-shed coat of the Poodle with the sweet nature of the Havanese or the gentle personality of the Spaniel.

This combo tends to result in a pet perfect for companionship that’s both smart and loving—ideal pals for different types of families or single folks alike.

Appearance and Coat

When I think about these cuddly pooches, the variety of colors and their adorable ears paired with the type of coat they sport really catches my attention. I have to note, the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize designer breeds. There is no set dog breed standard here.

Colors and Patterns

My experience tells me that both Havapoos and Cavapoos come in a delightful mix of colors. You can often spot these little guys flaunting coats in:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Tan

Each pup has its own unique blend, and it’s pretty cool how they can rock different patterns like:

  • Tuxedo
  • Parti-colored
  • Phantom

Ears and Coat Type

Let’s chat about those ears! Typically, they have soft, floppy ears that just beg to be gently stroked.

Now about the coats – they can vary quite a bit, giving each dog a distinctive look. You’ll find their coats can be:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly

As for texture, Havapoos usually sport a hair-type coat, while Cavapoos might lean more towards a wool-like, curly coat type. Both can be a dream or a bit of a hassle to groom, depending on what mother nature rolled the dice with.

Temperament and Personality

When deciding between a Havapoo and a Cavapoo, it’s a bit like picking between two charming friends. Both breeds are packed with personality, sport an infectious intelligence, and love being around people. But let’s chat about how they act around folks and their buddy qualities.

Living with Families and Children

I’ve seen that Havapoo dogs and Cavapoo dogs both fit into home life like a dream. They’re friendly and affectionate, making them great pals for adults and kids alike. But it’s worth noting, kids need to learn how to be gentle with these small dogs because of their size.

  • Attention with children: They thrive on companionship and are pretty patient with young children, always up for a cuddle or a gentle play session
  • Energy levels with families: While both breeds are lively, Cavapoos might show a dash more pep, especially when they’re younger, which is something to keep in mind when there are tiny tots around

Companion Quality

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I’ll tell you, these little dogs are serious about their companion roles. They’ve got this smart vibe and an eagerness to please that makes training a breeze. Plus, their loyalty seals them as top-notch companions.

  • Friendliness: From my experience, both breeds are the sort to make friends easily, loving up on their families and even getting along with strangers
  • Personality traits: What’s more, they both pack a lot of character into their petite frames – Havapoos tend to be a bit calmer, while Cavapoos might be the types to spark a fun game out of the blue

Both the Havapoo and Cavapoo dog breed bring laughter and a whole lot of heart into a home with their spirited and tender personalities. Whether it’s hanging out with the kids or just chilling with me on the sofa, these guys are all about spreading the love and joy.

Health and Care

When thinking about getting a fuzzy friend like a Havapoo vs Cavapoo, it’s important to know what comes with the package in terms of their health and how to take good care of them. So let me share what I know about keeping these pups healthy and happy.

Health Issues and Lifespan

I’ve learned that both the Havapoo and Cavapoo can live a good long life, usually between 12 to 15 years, provided they get the right care.

These pooches can have some health issues, though, like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and hypothyroidism, which are not just painful but can really dampen their playful spirits. I always remind my friends to chat with the vet about these things and get regular checkups.

  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Common Health Problems:
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Patellar Luxation
    • Hypothyroidism

Grooming and Maintenance

I’ve found that keeping these dogs looking their best is part of the fun.

They both have those curls that need regular brushing to keep them from getting all tangled up. Because they’re often considered hypoallergenic, they’re a hit for people with allergies, like my cousin Joe. He doesn’t sneeze around them, which is a big thumbs up!

Grooming Checklist:

  • Brushing: A few times a week
  • Bathing: Regularly, but not too often

Diet and Exercise

For diet, I keep it simple: high-quality food that fits their age, size, and activity level. They’re not garbage disposals, after all!

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Exercise is key too. These little bundles of energy need daily walks and playtime to stay fit and use up all that energy. It helps keep their weight healthy and stops them from getting bored and chewing on my favorite shoes.

  • Diet: Balanced, high-quality dog food
  • Exercise:
    • Daily walks
    • Playtime for mental and physical stimulation

Size and Weight

When I think about small dogs perfect for cozy living spaces, both the Havapoo puppy and Cavapoo puppy pop into my mind. They’re pretty comparable in size, although there are a few slight differences worth mentioning.

Growth Patterns

The two breeds have something in common: they come in what you could call “fun-size” versions. Let’s talk toy and miniature.

For the toy Havapoo puppy, their weight tends to stay between a dainty 7-15 pounds, and they usually don’t get taller than a foot—about 12 inches. Now, the Cavapoo toy version, they hang out in the same weight room, but they might stretch a smidge taller—up to that 12-inch mark.

Moving up a size, we’ve got the miniature varieties. If you see a Havapoo that’s a bit heftier—think 15-25 pounds—you’re likely looking at the miniature version, which can also stand a little taller, around 12-16 inches. The Cavapoo follows suit here, tipping the scales similarly.

So, they’re like two peas in a pod, with some Cavapoos possibly standing just a tad taller, but truly, it’s hard to tell them apart until they stand next to each other.

Now, since we’re chatting casually, let me give you an easier way to picture it.

If you’ve ever held a decently sized watermelon, that’s about as heavy as the bigger minis can get. And height-wise, imagine a large ruler—that’s the tallest you’d expect these furry friends to be.

Training and Socialization

When raising a happy and well-adjusted hybrid pup like the havapoo or cavapoo, I’ve learned that the right dog training and social time with others are key. These little furballs are not just smart; they’re really looking to make us happy, which is a big plus when training them.

How to Train Your Hybrid Pup

I find that training my hybrid pup is all about keeping things fun and positive. These pups are smart cookies, so they pick up on things quickly.

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Consistency is my best friend here, along with loads of praise and a few tasty treats.

I keep the sessions short and sweet since these energetic little guys can sometimes have more get-up than attention span. With my cavapoo, I’ve noticed it’s especially important to keep him engaged so he doesn’t get distracted by every little thing that moves.

Here’s what my usual training checklist looks like:

  • Short and engaging sessions: Normally no more than 10-15 minutes to keep their attention
  • Positive reinforcement: Always with praise and sometimes a small treat
  • Daily practice: I’ll slip in a few minutes of practice on the new tricks during our playtime

Meeting New People and Pets

Socialization is a big deal for both havapoos and cavapoos. I learned that the sooner I introduced my pup to different people and their furry friends, the better.

It’s all about helping them feel relaxed and comfortable around others. This is crucial because they’re companion dogs through and through, thriving on interaction.

Here’s how I go about it:

  • Regular encounters: I take my pup to the park and on errands to meet a variety of people and pets
  • Diverse experiences: I make sure to introduce them to folks of all ages and to other animals
  • Gentle exposure: No forcing interactions; it’s all about positive and calm meet-and-greets

Living with a Havapoo or Cavapoo

Bringing one of these cuddly pups into your home is like adding a little bundle of joy to your life. They do have their own unique needs though, especially when it comes to feeling loved and staying busy.

Daily Life

When I first got my Havapoo, I quickly learned they’re not just a cute face—they have energy to burn!

Daily exercise is key for these dogs. Whether it’s a playful game of fetch or a brisk walk, it helps keep their spirits up and their bodies healthy.

With either a Havapoo or a Cavapoo, I’ve found that mixing things up keeps them engaged. One day I might use a toy for some indoor fun, and the next we could be out exploring the park.

Routine grooming is something you can’t skip either. Those curls are adorable, but to prevent mats and tangles, a good brush a few times a week is a must.

I’ve tried a bunch of brushes, and trust me, finding one that they’re comfortable with makes all the difference.

Separation Anxiety and Companionship

Let’s talk about the heart of the matter—separation anxiety. I learned pretty fast that both designer breeds form strong attachments.

There have been times when I had to leave my dog Milo alone at home. And I know it is not something puppies grasp easily. You can tell they are not happy about it. They might accept it as a reality, but with a sad face.

These two Poodle mixes are at their happiest when they’re with their human pals or other pets.

For any pet parent working full-time or away often, it’s super important to provide enough company for your pooch.

For example, sometimes, when I’m gone, I sometimes leave the TV on or arrange for a friend to pop in. It helps, but nothing beats being there in person for my furry friend.

havapoo vs cavapoo infographic

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