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11 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Corgi

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Corgis are short-legged fluffy dogs. The internet has grown to love and adore this fluffy dog. In the past several years, their popularity has grown. Even Queen Elizabeth II has a Corgi dog. This loyal dog with a big personality is hard to resist. Playing with Corgi pup is fun and games, but owning one is another story. What are some Corgi facts you need to know before getting the puppy?

Before you bring a Pembroke Corgi puppy home, there are things you need to know about the Corgi breed.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not a quiet dog

If you do not like loud noises, or you have small children at home, you should think twice about owning a Corgi. These dogs are small, but they make a lot of noise.

They bark much louder than you would expect. Corgi barking can be ear piercing and annoying. Sorry, but this is the way this working dog communicates with the environment. And when your Corgi pet wants to tell you something, yes, they will do it with loud barking.

We also have to note that this dog breed is prone to unnecessary alarm barking. He will bark to the slightest of sounds in or around your home.

Remember, these puppies were bred to herd cattle. And they herd animals weighing 100 times more than them. So, they had to adjust, and use their loud barking.

No need to dock its tail

Back in the day, you had to dock Corgi tail. That is not the case anymore. In the past, any working dog had his tails docked to make him more suitable for the work. But now you do not need to do that to your Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

And if you want to know the history of tail docking, here is the explanation. People believed that working dogs had a higher chance of injuring their tail. That could lead to gruesome pain and medical complications. A small Corgi dog could easily be stepped on by a much larger cow.

They need a lot of exercise

If you think Corgi is a lap dog, think again. This is a mistake any new Corgi owner can make. Corgis are relatively small, but they are not lap dogs. Yes, they fit in your lap. But good luck trying to make them stay there for a while.

Corgi is a high energy dog breed that needs a lot of physical stimulation. As a working and herding dog, he has maintained his herding instinct. At least one hour of exercise per day is a must. Otherwise, you will not have a calm Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog inside.

You can play catch with his favorite ball, go for a long walk, or play with other dogs at the park. Corgis are happy when their activity involves their dog lovers and owners.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is extremely trainable because of his high intelligence, love for attention, and eagerness to please his dog owner. Yes, Corgis can get bossy and independent.

You have to be patient and firm with them. Leash training early on is a must. Your Corgi needs early socialization to avoid issues with other animals.

Some of the smartest dogs

Did you know that Welsh Corgi is ranked as the Number 11 smartest dog breed in the world? According to ranks, this purebred dog is more intelligent than dogs like Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel.

The challenge with a smart dog is mental stimulation. He also gets in much more trouble because he knows how to push all the right buttons and get away with it.

The American Kennel Club recognizes the Pembroke Corgi as a herding breed. So take that in consideration.

Your Corgi needs as much mental stimulation as physical exercise. He needs to work his brain daily. Obedience training is the best form of mental stimulation. But you can also play some nose games.

They can get nippy

You have to remember Corgi is a herding dog. He was bred to herd livestock. Back in the day, this pup nip at the heels of animals and pushed them in the designated direction.

But this instinctive intelligence has remained with them to this day. There is a high chance they will nip at your heels.

And when there are small kids around, they can mistake them for sheep and other livestock. So, make sure to train your Corgi pet to stop nipping.

They shed a lot

Let’s talk about the grooming routine for your Corgi. This puppy has a double coat. That means he sheds a lot of hair all year round. There are also two shedding seasons, one in spring and one in fall. During those periods, they will shed even more.

Grooming doesn’t prevent loose hair, but it helps. Typical Corgi grooming routine involves light brushing daily. During shedding season, bath them to manage grooming needs.

So, if you are a clean freak or do not want a dog that shed, stay away from Corgi.

They will do anything for food

This is one of the most food motivated and food driven dog breeds out there. Corgis can literally do everything if there is food involved.

This makes obedience training that much easier. You can teach your dog quite a few tricks using food. And the best way to make Corgis love food, even more, is with hand feeding.

The excitement to perform tricks for food is high with this puppy. Your pup will roll around, spin, jump, sit, give paw, give high five, or anything more.

Just remember not to overeat your dog. Corgis eat until their stomach explodes.

Constant jumping can be a problem

There is one challenge with every Corgi owner. How to prevent your dog from jumping on people. This breed is a highly active dog. He needs his run and roaming to release energy.

Besides jumping on people, your Corgi will jump up and down on high surfaces, your bed for example. The problem here is that too much jumping can cause stress on the spine of this little dog. So, make sure to exercise him properly and prevent health problems.

Corgi is not a fat dog

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Corgis are often associated with their butt. They have an amazing butt, prompting a lot of people to call them sexy dogs. But their big butt doesn’t make them a fat dog.

A lot of people will tell you to feed your dog less. Or to take him on more walks. But it is all because of his purpose. As a herding dog, he has very short legs, no tail (back in the day), and lots of hair to help him during cold weather. But your pet is not a fat dog. He is a fluffy dog.

Needs constant attention

You should never stop scratching and petting your Corgi. You might find yourself eating with one hand and petting your puppy with the other. This puppy loves being petted. You might grow tired of it.

Your dog will never ask you to stop. If it was his choice, you would be scratching him all day long.

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