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Dog Breeds That Bark The Most

fox terrier
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Any dog owner will tell you. Barking is a big problem. Even more, if you live in a big apartment building. Neighbors might file a complaint about your noisy dog. So, that is why it is always helpful to know the dog breeds that bark the most. This way, you can avoid breeds that might get you into problems.

You might think your barking dog is just being talkative. But your neighbor might find it annoying. Yes, dogs bark as a security measure to alert you. Yet, it is not always pleasant for the other inhabitants of the building.

Why do dogs bark?

Now, let’s talk about the most common reasons your dog is barking. Regardless of your needs for a guard dog, you should always be informed about the predisposed behavior of your puppy.

Yes, you can train a dog to stop barking. It is best that you start teaching your puppy to stop barking at a young age.

If you understand why your dog barks, you can stop the excessive barking. So, here is the shortlist of why dogs bark.

  • To alert you of intruders
  • To get your attention
  • To announce a guest coming at the door
  • To initiate play with other dogs, toys, or you, the dog owner
  • Because he is afraid
  • Because he is anxious

How to prevent your dog from barking?

As I said before, I have written articles on how to get a dog to stop barking and how to stop a young dog from barking. I have to say, I do not approave the use of a bark collar. That is just cruel. Here is a quick summary of those articles:

  • Provide plenty of exercise for your puppy
  • Provide mental stimulation for your barking dog
  • Provide interactive toys when you are away from home
  • Make sure you prevent any separation anxiety in your young dog
  • Teach your dog the Shush command, this will make him stop barking on cue

With that in mind, here are the dog breeds that bark the most.



When you think of a dog breed that barks a lot, you have to start with Beagles. Any Beagle dog owner will tell you his puppy is quite vocal. Yet, some Beagles do not bark.

Yes, you can teach him good manners and make him well behaved. But as a field dog, your Beagle is guaranteed to be noisy.

They were bred to bray, howl, and alert hunters about animals. So, it is in his nature to bark. Beagles have a natural instinct to bark when pursuing animals.

Fox terrier

fox terrier

Here is another dog breed that was bred to hunt foxes. The Fox terrier has a strong prey drive. Combine that with the tenacity and stubbornness of terriers, and you have a vocal dog.

The Fox terrier is a scrappy dog that will constantly be on patrol with his excellent vision and hearing. This puppy will bark at squirrels, postmen, other pups, and everything else.

If you want a Fox terrier, it is imperative that you teach him from a young age to stop barking and people and dogs. Work with a dog trainer if you must.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Here is another dog breed in the terrier family. Spoiler alert: there will be more terriers. When you think of a Yorkie, you think of an adorable small dog. But this little puppy is as feisty as they come. He is stubborn and yappy, and the barking must be prevented from Day 1.

Positive reinforcement training, obedience training, balanced training, use anything you can to get a quiet dog. Otherwise, you will have trouble.



The stereotypical small dog breed, the Chihuahua is one of the most vocal dogs out there. Unlike terriers who bark because of their prey drive, a Chihuahua barks because it is afraid.

Small dogs usually bark because they are afraid of bigger dogs and bigger things coming their way.



When you look at this puppy, all you can think of is a show dog. The Pomeranian is a show dog that you can style and groom however you like. They look like a bit of fluff, but these dogs pack a big personality in that tiny body.

And barking is part of their normal behavior.

Jack Russell Terrier


I recently read a joke about Jack Russell Terrier. It goes like this: This dog will bark at the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. And it is so true.

Sometimes I cannot figure out why Milo is barking. He just constantly finds new things to bark at. And we try to desensitize everything and I have taught him to stop barking on cue.



Famous as the dog breed with a big butt, Corgi is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. But barking is a big part of their personality. It is a common trait in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

The vocal nature of the Corgi comes from his history of being bred to herd cattle and sheep.

Border Collie

border collie

Remember, the Border Collie is a barking dog breed. They are among the most vocal dogs out there. And it is understandable. After all, this puppy was bred for herding cattle.

And how can they herd cattle if not with barking?

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinscher

Let’s finish off the list with one of the most famous watch dogs. The Doberman is a breed you get when you want someone guarding your house, backyard, and everything else.

Nobody will dare approach your estate with a Doberman Pinscher guarding it. And when the dog barks, intruders run away.

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