Improve Your Dog’s Life – 13 Ways for Longer Life Expectancy

happy dog

Dogs generally have a shorter lifespan than us. But if you take into account dog years, not human years, they live quite long. For example, one dog year equals seven to nine human years, so a 10-year old pup is actually an elderly dog with 70 to 90 years. That aside, we all want to […]

What To Do If You See A Dog In A Hot Car – First Aid Help!

Dog in a hot car

Can you break into a car to save a dog’s life? That is probably a question many ask themselves when they see a dog trapped into a hot car. Well, sadly, breaking into the car is a felony and an act of vandalism. Therefore, we want to share with you first aid guidelines for what […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and How to Prevent it

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Does your dog worry when you go out of the home? Does he destroy stuff when you leave the house? And does he follow you from room to room when you are home? All of these are symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs. And while some of them seem normal behavior for most dogs, like […]

Signs of Stroke in Dogs – How to Help Your Dog?

Signs of Stroke in Dogs

Dogs share a lot of health issues as people. They can get diabetes, they can go blind, they can lose their ability to walk due to arthritis and nerve damage, and they can also suffer from stroke and heart attack. Yes, the same brutal killer of people can also harm your dog. The good news […]

How to Improve Your Dog’s Skin – Natural Remedies for Healthy Coat

how to improve your dogs skin

The skin of your dog serves an important function. The coat of your dog provides warmth for your dog, helps him regulate body temperature, offers protection against the environment, and provides and enhances sensation. Your dog’s skin is a great indicator of the overall health of your pooch. With that in mind, let’s talk about […]

How To Stop Dog Shedding – Expert Tips To Reduce Shedding

grooming with a dog brush on a shetland sheepdog

There is one thing any dog owner learns how to live with, but would love to take it away if possible, and that is pet shedding. We love our dogs. That is a fact. But shedding, oh well, we learn to live with it. Most owners will tell you they would love to eliminate the […]

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog – Your Questions Answered

dog wash

Dogs smell, and that is just natural. You cannot expect your dog to smell like perfume, that is just not normal. A lot of owners think they can wash their dog on a weekly basis, and their dog will smell better. Well, wrong. If you want the answer to the question how often should you […]

Dog Health Warning Signs – How to Recognize Your Dog is Hurting

dog health warning signs

There are many dog health issues. Dogs can suffer from illnesses in the same way we do. And just as us, they can manifest symptoms every now and then. The problem with dogs is that they are prone to keeping their symptoms private, and away from your eyes. In many cases, dogs resolve to hide […]

Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome – What Owners Need to Know!

dog laying down

Dogs and humans are highly compatible. Yes, there are differences between us, but there are also many similarities. Sadly, a lot of those similarities are in the health department. Dogs can suffer from many diseases that target humans. For example, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, congestive heart failure, and eye issues. Which is why people sometimes ask […]

Dog Bad Breath – Causes and Natural Remedies for Poop Breath

Who can resist those adorable doggy kisses? You come back home from work, and your dog comes to greet you. But if your pet has bad breath, it can be hard to cuddle. In some cases, dog bad breath is caused by health issues, or by something they’ve eaten. In some cases, your dog’s breath […]