4 Tips for Picking the Right Food for Your Dog

Just like us, our beloved canine companions need high-quality food to lead a long, healthy, and happy life. Different dog breeds have varying sizes, temperaments, and activity levels. This means that they also have different nutritional needs, especially when you consider their age and overall state of health. Moreover, there are numerous brands of commercial […]

Can Dogs Eat Licorice?

This is one of the more controversial topics in pet nutrition. Most dog nutritionists will tell you not to feed black licorice to your dog. Why? Because in even moderate amounts, black licorice can prove toxic and fatal for your canine. In small doses, yes, you can give licorice to your puppy. There are some […]

Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts – Safe Foods for Your Dog

Dogs go nuts for nuts. But the question for owners is, should you give your dog nuts? Can dogs eat hazelnuts, for example? What about almonds? Cashews? Today, we will talk about nuts and which ones you can feed your dog. Some nuts do not pose any risk for your puppy. But others can wreak […]

Can Dogs Have Oat Milk? – Dairy Alternative Explained

When you ask a question like can my dog have this or that, the answer usually falls to “yes”. But what is the catch? You can give it in moderation. You have to pay attention to your dog and see if he develops any symptoms of food allergy or intolerance. The reality is that dogs […]

Can Dogs Have Blackberries – Safe Foods for Your Puppy

Dogs love human food. They love to eat the food we eat, right? Every owner knows that look in his dog’s eyes while we eat. And it is fun to give dogs treats every once in a while. Human food makes for excellent treats. And you can use it for training, motivating your dog even […]

NutriCanine Dog Food Review

NutriCanine Fresh and Raw Dog Food sends your dog raw and fresh dog food every two weeks- We recommend it for it’s customized meal plans and high-quality ingredients. NutriCanine Fresh Dog Food offers fresh and raw dog food for Canadians that are completely customized for your dog and ships the food directly to your door. […]

The Healthy Eating Habit for Your Pet

Are you a dog lover? They do make wonderful pets and great companions. They need a lot of exercise, too, which means the owner keeps fit walking the dog. Dogs are loyal and will bond with an owner, more so than a cat which is a far more independent animal, but there are some things […]

Best Dog Food For Bulldogs – Keep Your Pet Healthy

english bulldog

Bulldogs are among the pets with the most health issues. This medium-sized breed lives between 8 and 10 years. That is quite low for a dog. And it can be even shorter if your dog develops any of the health issues linked to bulldogs. In order to avoid that, you should try feeding your dog […]

Best Dog Food For Labs – Food Diet for Energetic Large Dogs

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever owners know they have a high-energy dog. Labs are fun, friendly, sociable, and they love to play around. But taking care of a Labrador requires more than just taking him out to the doggy park every once in a while. You need proper weight management and diet control. And that is where the […]

Best Dog Food for Yorkies – What to Feed Your Little Picky Eater

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the smallest dogs around, and at the same time, one of the most beautiful. He is known for his silky and long coat. But in order for your dog to have a silky smooth coat, he needs the best dog food for Yorkies. This toy breed can stand at […]