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Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix – Lovable Rare Breed

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There are many possibilities of how your Golden Retriever Pitbull mix will look like. But do not get your hopes up about finding one. This hybrid dog is quite rare. And there is a reason for that. For all the plus and benefits, is a crossbreed that sheds quite a lot.

And when it comes to mixed breeds, people often look for dogs that might turn out to be hypoallergenic. That means Poodle mixes.

With that in mind, let’s talk about this mixed-breed dog.

Meet The Breed

Unlike other designer breeds, this one doesn’t have a specific name. There is no Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle, Pomsky, Jack Chi, Shi Chi, or anything in between.

We cannot pinpoint an exact time in history when this puppy became available. But in the past several years, hybrid dogs have risen in popularity.

This one is a cross between a Golden Retriever and an American Pit Bull Terrier. The uncommon breed is quite rare.

Another reason for that is the negative reputation linked to the American Pitbull terrier. But do not fall into that trap. Pitbulls are amazing dogs. Let’s find out more about the Pitbull Golden Retriever mix.

Meet The Parents

The first place we need to start is with the parents. When you understand the personality traits of each parent breed, you know what you can expect from their offspring. Let’s go.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The first parent breed is the Golden Retriever, a popular dog in the United States. According to The American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever is among the five most popular breeds. They were initially bred for hunting and field work. Yet, nowadays, these adorable family pets are household canines.

Their versatility allows them to work in different fields, including search and rescue, therapy, guides for the blind, and more. Generally speaking, Goldens have an endearing love of life and work.

You can easily notice them out in the field with their long and lustrous coat and large, sturdy, muscular head. There are different types of Goldens. With that in mind, let’s take a look at common personality traits:

  • A dog that has a love for life
  • Friendly with everyone they meet
  • A bit clownish and funny
  • Love to play and spend time with its family
  • Love to cuddle

American Pit Bull Terrier


The second parent is the American Pit Bull Terrier. This dog is not recognized by The American Kennel Club, but it is recognized by The British Kennel Club. The term pitbull is an umbrella term for bully breeds like American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, American Bully, and American Pitbull Terrier.

Some people mistake the Pitbull for the American Staffordshire terrier. But they are different. Pitbulls are leaner and more athletic, while Staffies have a more muscular and sturdy body.

Sadly, this dog breed suffers from a negative reputation due to its history in dog-fighting sports. Back in the day, these dogs were used for fighting, but that bloody sport has long been eliminated.

They are not aggressive or dangerous. And there is no truth to the locked jaw myth. Instead, Pitties are some of the most affectionate and friendly puppies in the canine world. They love everyone they meet and wag their tail 24×7. With that in mind, here are some personality traits:

  • Affectionate and loving with its family
  • Friendly with everyone they meet
  • Can live in a household with other animals and pets
  • Loves to play
  • Highly energetic
  • Gentle with people
  • Can be a bit stubborn


Now that we talked about the parents, let’s talk about the Golden Retriever Pitbull mix. What can you expect in terms of appearance? Well, for starters, there is no official standard because mixed-breed dogs are not recognized by the AKC.

That means they can inherit appearance from either parent. Sometimes, they are a perfect mix of both. Generally speaking, they stand around 24 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 70 pounds.

They can come out with different coat color variations. For example, they can inherit the solid gold colors of their Golden parent, or get a mix of darker coat color options. Their coat can also be single or double-coated with fur at any length.

If they have a short coat, it will be thin and fine-furred. On the other hand, when the Pitbull Golden Retriever mix inherits a long coat, it is shaggy and wavy.


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Same as with appearance, you can never know what you will get with a mixed breed. Luckily, both parents are friendly and affectionate. Both parents are meant to be family companions.

That means your mixed puppy might be prone to separation anxiety when left alone. You might look at these large dog breeds and think they are independent. But they are quite needy. Pitbulls and Goldens crave attention, and your mix will do it too.

That means crate training is essential, but more on that later on. One thing you should not expect is a guard dog. Neither parent has good guarding and protection tendencies. Instead, they are friendly with everyone they meet.

A common sight of Labrador and Pitbull mixes is a dog that wags its tail the whole day long. They can live in a household with other animals, including cats.

Yet, because there are not many puppies like this one, we cannot talk about the temperament with 100% certainty.

We do know they are quite intelligent, a gene they inherit from their Golden Retriever parent. So, if you have a Golden Retriever Pit Bull mix, expect to play a lot of games. Mental stimulation is essential, so buy lots of puzzle toys.


The good thing about your prospective hybrid dog is that they are intelligent and love to please. And they can be easily motivated. Now, there is a difference between training a Golden Retriever and a Pitbull. The former is food-driven and toy-driven, while the latter is toy and affection driven.

So, you have to find out what genes your puppy inherited. If they are more motivated by dog food and treats, use that to your advantage.

But positive reinforcement works with either motivation. And this puppy will respond amazingly to positive reinforcement. These dogs are like sponges and will learn tricks, commands, and cues early on easily.

Just make sure to provide enough mental stimulation.

Exercise Needs


A Golden Retriever Pit Bull mix is an energetic dog that needs plenty of physical exercise and lots of mental stimulation. The good news is that they love spending time with their family. You can take them with you to the park where they will be absolutely good doggos.

Set up play dates with other dogs, they thrive on playing with other animals. Or play games like fetch with their favorite toys. Do not forget mental stimulation and sniffing.

Health Issues

One of the reasons why the Golden Retriever is not the most popular dog breed is health issues. Goldens are prone to so many health issues, including dysplasia, bloating, cancer, ear infections, and more.

And Pitbulls are prone to hip dysplasia and skin issues. The good news is that when you cross two purebred puppies, the cross is generally healthier. Crossbreeding can reduce the percentage of risk associated with illnesses.

Still, hip dysplasia is a condition that you have to pay attention to.


Sadly, we have to tell you that you might end up with a puppy that needs two to three brushing sessions weekly, or once per week.

It depends on which coat your puppy will inherit. If they inherit the long and lustrous coat of the Golden Retriever, they will need regular brushing.

In some cases, your puppy might inherit the short coat of the American Pit Bull terrier. In most cases, they end up with something in the middle.

Why Shouldn’t You Get One?

  • They are needy dogs that might be prone to separation anxiety
  • These dogs often retrieve items around the house, courtesy of their Golden Retriever genes
  • Independent and stubborn during training, might make it a challenge

Why Should You Get One?

  • Great family pets that are undoubtedly friendly
  • An extremely loyal companion that will accompany you in any outdoor event
  • Highly social and can play with other people and animals

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  1. I read amazing information about this breed in your article which I don’t know before. I have this breed also and I need your expert suggestion regarding its eye issues. My hybrid corgi is often prone to eye issues, and which medication is perfect for this?

    1. Is it a Corgi mix or Golden Retriever mix now? Speaking of your problem, it is important to know what type of eye issue it is. Vets know this much better than me, so you should consult one. Generally speaking, antibiotic eye drops are prescribed for canine conjunctivitis or keratitis. And steroid eye drops are used for severe allergies and eye infections. I recommend talking to your vet about a more precise answer.
      PS: I am glad you loved the article, and would be grateful if you share it:)

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