How to assess a good dog boarding centre

Thinking of going on a holiday but it wouldn’t be one that allows you to bring your dog along? Don’t worry, a local dog boarding will be a great solution!

A good boarding kennel will make sure your dog is well taken care of and that its time away from home will be a happy and enjoyable one. The question is, what makes for a good dog boarding centre and how do you find it?

One best way to assess a boarding kennel is to visit it in person. Reviews and online pictures are helpful but nothing beats seeing the place with your own eyes.

So yes, while you’re there, keep your eyes open and have a good look around. And don’t forget to ask questions – loads of them.

1. Find out the daily routine they have set up for their boarding dogs.

Do they get exercise? The answer will most likely be yes, but don’t stop at just there. Ask how often and whether it includes free running, or just on lead walking? If a dog boarding doesn’t offer at least a daily dog walking session, our advice is to keep looking.

2. Living conditions – hygiene, sleeping arrangement, feeding etc.

Perhaps the most important and obvious element to assess first will be the kennel conditions – after all, it will be where your beloved pup will be spending most of its waking (and sleeping) hours in.

Are the kennels kept clean? How many dogs are they boarding in one kennel? What about feeding time? What do they feed the dogs with? Observe if the kennels have fresh water available constantly. If they cram a tad too many dogs in one space, perhaps it is wise for you to walk away just then and look for another one.

3. Personal arrangement

If your dog has any particular preference/habit, it is worthy to find out if the dog boarding centre allows you to provide your own supply.

For example, dietary requirements. Some pups would require a specific type or brand of food supply, and a change of food can be very unsettling for their digestive system. So ask if you can supply your own food for them, and make sure they will stick to it.

The time at which your dog is fed forms a big part of his routine too. A good boarding kennel will try to replicate what your dog is used to at home. Do they allow you to bring your dog’s bedding, maybe a few toys too? This may help make the transition from home to boarding kennels easier for them.

If you have more than one dog, ask if they allow them to stay together. A good dog boarding will usually be able to make the arrangement for you. However, if it is about 5 or 6 dogs together, then it will be rather rare to find an establishment that would be able to accommodate to that request. Nevertheless, a good one will be able to arrange a schedule for your dogs to get some time together each day, to replicate the setting they are used to at home.

Last but not least, you can look at the dogs they are currently boarding to get a sense of feel. Do they look happy? Dogs do not lie – you can easily spot a happy pup versus a gloomy/agitated one across the street. If all boarding dogs look happy and tail-wagging contented, you can rest assured you’ve probably found just the right one there.

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