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Running Games for High Energy Dogs

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Do you have a dog that loves to run? Well good news, you can turn running into playing. If your dog loves to run, which is the case with many high energy dogs and hyperactive dogs, you can play many running games for dogs that will benefit both of you.

Do not worry, if you are not so keen on running, there are many other options to get your active dog some exercise. Fetch and playing with balls is always a good idea.

Today, however, we will try to take a boring walk and turn it into a fun activity. I have a list of activities you can play. You can add a lot of variety to your daily walk by providing plenty of exercise.

If you have a high energy dog like Jack Russell terrier, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, or similar, you will lave these games that also serve as mental stimulation. Let’s talk about the running games for dogs.

Ready, set, go

This fun game turns the simple concept of a race into a game. You can use this physical activity to teach your dog new tricks as well.

For example, teach your dog to lie down when you say “on your mark”. Then, do a play bow on “get set”, and of course, “run” when you say go.

The game will add some self-control, patience, and impulse control to your dog training. You can run alongside your dog, or set up a race distance.

Hard to get

This is another dog game you can use to jump-start a play session. You will need a toy for this one. For example, use a squeak, ball, or any other toy to get your dog’s attention.

Now, run away from him and tease your dog to follow you. Just do not tease him for way too long. The excitement of chasing you will create even more excitement for playing with dog toy.

Do not go too long without giving your puppy access to his favorite toy. You risk resulting in frustration and anger.

The crazy owner

So, how do you define yourself as a dog owner? Are you a crazy owner? Let me give you an idea of a fun game I like to call it like that.

What does a crazy owner mean? Well, simple. One who is unpredictable in his/her movement. Dogs love people who are unpredictable in their movement. When you walk in a straight line you might be boring to your puppy.

How to play this game? Start by holding a bunch of treats in your hand and luring your dog. Then, start moving away from him. Change your speed. Change your direction. Try to confuse your puppy as much as possible. Your goal is your pet should never know what to expect from you next.

This will make him focus on you like crazy. Your puppy will not let you off its sight. Try reverse, sprint in the opposite direction, or move slowly. Just remember to praise and give treats when your puppy is by your side.

It is a fun tweak on the chase me game. The premise is simple, your furry friend chasing you, but just take it up a notch.

Hide and seek

Let’s finish off with a game I often play with Milo. The game of hide and seek is another one that will turn your wandering pup into a loyal dog who is always by your side. How does it work? You can start playing at home.

Hide in the bedroom, in the bathroom, or in any other room. Or play it in the backyard. Now, once your dog grasps the concept of you hiding and him finding you, use it for your off-leash dog training session. As your dog is wandering around and sniffing everything he can, just run away a bit and hide behind a tree.

The trick is you should be away from your puppy’s sight. But you have to see your dog at the same time. Wait for your pet to get a bit confused while looking for you, and then just whistle.

Milo loves it, and I always try to pick different spots and “disappear” at random times. Once your dog finds you, give him a lot of treats and praise. This dog game helps with mental stimulation as well.

It is a classical conditioning tool that tells your dog if you come to me, you get a lot of treats.

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