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Top 5 Reasons To Consider A Shorty Bull As Your Next Pet

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This breed was specifically designed to be a smaller version of the Bulldog. The compact and muscular bulldog of small stature has a round head with typical bulldog features. What set the shorty bull apart are the eyes that are set far apart and the curved jaw.

Speaking of the eyes, they can be of any color. Yet, brown is the preferred color among breeders and potential dog owners.

Today, we will take a look at the history of the designer dog breed, and what are some of the features that make him an amazing pet.

Meet the Breed

Shorty Bull puppy is one of the newest and latest hybrid dogs that came into the canine kingdom. Yet, despite their “early age”, they have already skyrocketed in popularity.

The breed was developed in a small Kansas town by two devoted dog breeders. It quickly rose to one of the most popular Bulldog types for families who have children and other pets.

The hybrid dog is laid-back, good-natured, and friendly, making it an excellent companion dog for the right family.

History Of The Breed

As we said before, the history of this canine goes back to rural Kansas. The unique type of crossbreed dog was created by Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman. They were two devoted women who wanted to come up with a Bulldog type dog that was healthier, smaller, and more suitable for family life.

According to some reports, the breed was developed in the early 2000s by the Bull Breed Coalition Registry Founders Krogman and Sweet of Blue River Bullies.

What is unique about this puppy is that it was not developed to fit some aesthetic checkbox. Instead, this designer breed was created to be functional. Yes, if it looked cute, great.

The primary aim was to use established breeds like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bulldog, and the French Bulldog.

The result was a small, functional dog with nerves of steel and a calm and stable disposition. But most importantly, a clean bill of health.

Yes, the Shorty Bull can range in appearance and physical characteristics. It is still considered a breed in progress.

These puppies maintain the typical Bulldog appearance, with skin folds around the face and short, stocky, and muscular bodies.

But the difference is that this puppy, unlike most Bulldog predecessors, is not a mix of Pug or Boston Terrier.

This has resulted in a bit more protruding snouts, reducing some of the problems often associated with brachycephalic breeds. That was all achieved through careful breeding.



When you take into consideration there were three breeds used to get the Shorty Bulldog, it is logical that appearance can vary. This puppy has genes of Staffordshire Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, and English Bulldog.

Shorty Bulls have a compact and muscular body. They were designed primarily to be healthier than purebred Bulldogs.

Yes, they do retain some of the physical traits of Bulldogs, like the flattened face, but not to the degree of regular Bulldogs.

Here are some key physical traits of Shorty Bulls:

  • Compact and muscular body of small stature
  • Round head with typical bulldog features
  • Curved, not straight jaw
  • Nose turned up slightly and can be black or liver-colored
  • Eyes are set apart, and should not protrude, they come in different colors, but brown is preferred
  • They have either cropped ears or dropped ears
  • Chest is broad for height and has depth reaching to the elbow
  • Shoulders and rump are well-rounded and well-muscled, lending to an appearance of strength
  • Legs are heavy-boned and in direct proportion to the body

All coat color options are accepted, except for merle or black and tan.


One of the primary temperament traits of Bulldogs is their comical personality. And it is no different with the Shorty Bulldog. This alert, agile, and curious dog is a joy to be around 24×7.

They are always willing to please and can do well in both apartments and houses with yards. They do make a great companion dogs.

While they love good exercise, they do best when they are close to their family members. Shorties love sports and activities. Unlike their English Bulldog parent, they are not couch potatoes. They will often jump, run, and bounce. The problem is their energy level might fail to keep pace with their size. This is why they cannot run and pursue their object of interest for a long time.

Personality and temperament were the reasons why Amy Krogman and Jamie Sweet dedicated their time and careful breeding to get this puppy.

As a result, the Shorty Bull is amazing with children. Their comical nature will be entertaining for your youngsters, while their affectionate and loyal nature will make them friendly companions. Just pay attention to their muscular stature.

The only downside is these dogs have a strong prey drive. They are not so fond of small pets. They have a habit of chasing small animals, so make sure to put a lot of effort into training and socialization to prevent it.


Speaking of training, Shorty Bulls are eager to please and quick to learn. Yet, they can be willful at times. This small dog with a large personality will fit in the working dog category. He is work-oriented and loves to have a job.

They are as enthusiastic as they can be, so use it to your advantage. Training should be focused on socialization and preventing prey drive. But also, use their willingness to please and loyalty to teach your puppy to walk by your side.

Positive reinforcement works wonderfully here, usually with food and praise. They are not much toy-driven.

Be patient and consistent in your training. I recommend using quality training treats that will keep your dog focused and attentive.

Exercise Needs

As we said before, this is an energetic dog breed. They are constantly working and exercising. Compared to the English Bulldog, they are way more athletic. Yet, they have a small stature and muscular body that cannot follow their willingness to play.

Do not overexercise your puppy. Some 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day is more than enough. For example, between 1 and 3 miles of jogging will do wonders.


Health Issues

Krogman and Sweet set a goal to have a healthy and vigorous canine. They wanted a puppy that is free of the health complaints of brachycephalic breeds like Pugs and English Bulldogs. They succeeded in it.

Yes, you will need to keep an eye on conditions like bloating, obesity, skin allergies, and hip dysplasia, these puppies are considered healthy by most parameters.

Keep them up to date with recommended vaccines, provide exercise and quality dog food, and your puppy should live between 14 and 16 years.

Shorty Bull Price

When you are talking about designer breeds, price is often a question. Like most hybrid dogs, this one is not cheap. According to most reports, Shorty Bull’s price is between $1,000 and $2,000. Adoption will make the process less taxing.

But to their relative scarcity, you might have to wait a bit to get one.

Why Should You Get One?

Now let’s finish with the 5 best reasons why you need to get your hands on this puppy.

  • Amazing with children and family life
  • Can adapt to both apartment living and house living
  • Healthier than English Bulldogs and Pugs
  • Small size that makes it a bit more versatile
  • Comical personality and decent activity level

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