Tips For Finding Ideal Dog-Friendly Cottages

Dog-Friendly Cottages

Dogs are cute and outright fun to be around. If you are a dog owner, you will agree that Rover does more than scaring bad guys away. They are loyal companions, best confidants, and the perfect friends to catch a movie with.

Statistics show that 26 per cent of people in the UK own a canine. Dogs are the most common pets, the least being mice. Therefore, it makes sense that dog owners want to take them to dog friendly cottages when they go on holiday.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation can be challenging. However, with the following tips, you and your beloved furry friend are closer to the ideal cottage than ever:

1. Ask as Many Questions as You Can

Your preferred accommodation may have perfect scenery, plenty of space, and the perfect connection with nature. Still, you need to phone in advance before booking a spot.

Inquire from the staff whether you can bring your dog with you. If yes, find out if there are any restrictions on breed, size, or age.

It would also help to know whether the cottage supplies extras for your dog and if there is an additional charge for your pet. Different dog-friendly cottages have different rules, so please ensure that you carry out thorough research before making a choice.

2. Read Plenty of Blogs

With all the non-pet-friendly cottages around, it can be hard knowing where to turn, especially if you have never gone on holiday with your pooch before. There is where the Internet comes in, blogs to be specific.

There are many professional bloggers with sound advice on ideal dog-friendly cottages. And it is not just hearsay. These individuals recommend after their dogs have tried and tested the places.

Some common blog sites are Steph and the Spaniels, Go Pet Friendly, Styletails, and Travelnuity. As you go through blogs, note the date the blog was written and scan around for photos to get a feel of what the place looks like. If they are available, prices are worth putting into consideration as well.

3. Try Looking Around the Neighbouring Areas

Most dog owners go the extra mile when securing dog-friendly cottages. They may book accommodation far away, yet the dream holiday destination is nearby.

The problem with this is travelling with your dog to the surrounding town can become a hassle. Instead of a fun time, you may end up with a frustrated pet and an empty wallet or purse.

It helps to start from within before going without. Find out if there are any dog-friendly restaurants, bars, or cafes close by. You can also check if the local beaches accommodate dogs and what the dog’s walking routes are like.

Whenever you feel lost or stuck, Google is your friend. There is also the alternative of asking a friend or loved one. The key is to cover as much ground as you can before embarking on other territories.

4. Visit Review Sites for More Details

Any reputable accommodation should have a website. Instead of scanning the site for client reviews, consider going for review sites. They not only let you know if your preferred cottage is dog-friendly but if it is still available for a vacation as well.

Review sites can also point out some nice nearby spots. They also indicate great places to go for a meal or relax with your loyal companion.

Since dog-friendly cottages do not pop up automatically when you visit a review site, always search ‘dog-friendly’ or ‘dog’ in the review section. You will receive the comments that are most relevant to your preference.

5. Have a Look at Dog-Friendly Accommodation Booking Sites

With a rise in the pet travel industry’s popularity, easier ways to get a pet-friendly cottage have also come up. Many accommodation booking websites are giving pet-owners a chance to find a dog-friendly vacation spot.

By inserting keywords such as ‘dog friendly’ and ‘pets allowed,’ you can gain instant access to some of the best dog-friendly cottages available. You can also narrow down the number to your price range or suitability by filtering search results.

Other accommodation sites are dedicated to helping you find dog-friendly holiday destinations and bring the point closer to home on their homepage or profile.

Using accommodation sites can be tricky at times, so before settling for a site, it would be best to put your pet’s best interests into consideration. After all, you are paying for quality services and facilities. Therefore, you and your reliable furry partner deserve nothing but the best.

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