Tips On Choosing a Dog Subscription Box

If you’re looking to surprise your pup, dog subscription boxes make a great gift to reward your little friend.

Your dog will be treated to toys, treats, and other products on a monthly basis (or on a different schedule depending on the service).

It may be overwhelming with having to choose a specific box since there are many competitors on the market.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right dog subscription box.

Decide What Is Most Important To You

There are dog subscription boxes to fit different needs.

For example, if customization is important to you, then either PupJoy or Pooch Perks would be a good fit. They have options to select the type of items in your box. They also offer very flexible shipping options.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, both BarkBox Super Chewer and Bullymake cater to this market with stronger toys.

If contribution to charity is important, then consider Rescue Box.

If you have a puppy, consider PupBox which is geared toward puppies and their development.

Maybe you prefer items chosen by real veterinarians. If so, check out VetPet Box.

What Is Your Budget?

If you’re price sensitive, you may want to consider signing up for one of the less expensive boxes like Pet Treater, for example.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind committing to a longer plan, the price per box goes down for almost all companies.

For some companies, you can also prepay for additional savings like with BarkBox on their 6 and 12 month plans.

Additionally, many companies offer discounts for your first box. Some of the best deals are offered during holidays, so it may be worth it to wait until then.

You can find such deals as 50% off, $1 for your first box, free extra toys in every box, and more.

Do You Want The Option To Cancel?

The majority of companies don’t allow you to cancel your chosen subscription plan early.

For example, if you choose a 6 month plan and want to cancel, you will still receive the remaining 5 boxes.

However, some companies are more flexible.

For example, KONG Box lets you cancel early for a fee.

BoxDog has no contracts at all, so you can skip or cancel your seasonal box at any time.

How Often Do You Want To Receive A Box?

If you already have a bunch of toys at home, your dog may not need a box every single month.

Boxes such as BoxDog let you ship on a quarterly schedule.

PupJoy has even more options where you can receive a box every couple of weeks or every few months.

While not an initial option, some companies will switch your plan away from monthly after ordering. For example, BarkBox customer service will let you receive your box every other month.

There is also the option to buy one-time boxes like with Pet Treater’s Try It Out Box and with PupJoy.

Most companies will allow a one month subscription, but your plan will renew if you don’t cancel in time. Plus, you usually will pay a much higher price for the one month plans.

Other Considerations

You may want to factor in other considerations like allergy-friendly options, delivery timeframes, shipping charges, guarantees, and the number of items in each box.


If you consider these tips above, you should have an easier time choosing your dog subscription box.

You and your pup will both be happy with your choice!

For even more help, check out this article on selecting the best dog subscription box.

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