Tips to choose your very first fish for your new aquarium


Setting up your very first aquarium can be fun and exciting, but it also requires doing a lot of research. After all, it’s not as simple as getting a fish tank, pouring enough water into it, and buying the fish you like.

Each species has its own needs and requirements, and you’ll also have to estimate construction costs of building the miniature facility, so you have a lot more to consider while choosing your first aquarium fish than just appearances. So what should you know before making your decision?

At the beginning it has to be said that before you get any fish, you should start setting up your aquarium – you should never add any living creature to your aquarium before the conditions in it are right for them to live in. And it may take some time for the water to stabilise enough to support their needs. So don’t rush, take your time to set up everything properly, make sure you have all the necessary equipment, including lighting and a filter, e.g., And when all of it is done, you can start thinking about your first fish.

Don’t start with a demanding species

Many species have very specific requirements when it comes to their living environment and the amount of space they need, but some tend to have very specific dietary requirements as well. And if you’re just at the very beginning of your fishkeeping journey, you should try to avoid picky eaters and species that demand special and difficult-to-create water conditions. That’s why learning more about different types of fish before actually acquiring one is important – it gives you a chance to find out which of them tend to have health problems or troubles coexisting with others. This way, you can easily avoid problems – you don’t need to become an overnight expert, start at the beginner level, and learn from your own experience.

Choose community fish species

You can generally divide fish into separate groups and types that can survive in similar environments – if you want to start with more than one species, that’s what you should focus on. By choosing specimens from various groups, you’re risking the well-being of at least some of them – you’ll never be able to provide suitable conditions for all your fish in one fish tank when their needs are so different. Then there’s also the fact that some fish tend to be rather peaceful and can coexist with other species without any problems, but there are also those with a more aggressive character. Try avoiding placing such species together in one aquarium even if the water conditions are suitable for them.

Start with a smaller number of fish

Adding too many fish at once can make keeping the water clean a lot more difficult. But keeping fish in bad water poses a huge risk to their health and can lead to diseases and several other problems. You also need to keep in mind that the specimens you bring from the shop are usually not fully grown adults yet, and therefore their size will change over time. It may be difficult to estimate how many will be able to survive in your tank once they grow bigger, so it may be a better idea to start with a smaller number of fish to avoid the issue of not having enough space – you can always add more later on.

A fish may not be able to live for as long as a dog or a cat, but if you want to keep one as your pet, you need to be able to provide it with healthy and comfortable living conditions. That’s why you should never just pick the first fish you find in a store without having any information about its needs and requirements.

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