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Top 7 Healthiest Dog Breeds in the World

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One of the most important factors to consider before getting a dog is whether or not it’s a healthy breed. You will enjoy more if you have a healthy dog than when you always have to take them to the vet. After all, vet visits cost money, and you might not have that much money as a student.

This, however, does not mean that you can determine how long a dog will live based on their breed. All you can hope for is that your dog will live a happy and healthy life. Just like humans, theirs is really no telling when life ends.

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that they’re so much more than an animal you care for. Over time, pets become like family even though they don’t live as long as humans.

Dogs are friendly animals and one of the most loyal pets. You can always count on your dog to warn you when there’s impending danger.

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1. Ibizan hound

Ibizan Hounds are not only healthy but beautiful as well. They are fantastic family pets because your kids can grow with them. This is a racing breed, which means you’ll have a lot of fun at the dog park.

They are energetic dogs that are always in the mood to play. After a long day, you’ll feel better after spending quality time with your pet. Ensure that you build an enclosure that this dog won’t be able to escape while you’re away.

Ibizan Hounds have short fur, and they barely shed. This means that they’re easy to maintain, and they won’t trail your house with their fur. They’re ideal for people living in hot weather because their short fur would not sufficiently protect them from the cold.

2. Canaan Dog

The Canaan dog is an excellent watchdog because it’s territorial. They’re quite affectionate pets that will do anything to protect their owner.

These dogs do not like strangers, and they don’t do well with young kids. This breed is ideal for loners who don’t have other pets.

3. Whippet

This is a barkless dog breed that’s quite calm and tranquil. Unlike Canaan dogs, Whippets are very social, and they like being around happy people.

The best part is they’re intelligent, and because of this, they are easy to train. You should take your whippet for daily walks because they’re not the most active breed.

4. Havanese

This is a small dog breed that loves to be petted. The Havanese is an ideal lapdog and they need very little exercise to stay healthy. They’re a curious breed, and they easily show affection.

5. Brittany spaniel

If you have many pets at home, this is the right dog breed for you. Brittany Spaniels are not only good with other pets, but with kids as well. This is the perfect family dog because they’re not only affectionate but intelligent as well.

They’re quite easy to train, and they enjoy playtime. This is an energetic dog breed that will keep you on your feet.

6. Shetland sheepdog

These dogs look a bit like sheep, hence the name sheepdog. They’re quite intelligent and have long hair that sheds a lot. Shetlands rarely bark and like being at home.

7. Rottweilers

This is a large breed but the dogs are surprisingly gentle and calm. You can train them to be aggressive or friendly depending on why you got them.


There you have it! 7 healthy dog breeds that will be your companion for 12 or more years.

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