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14 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds

great dane
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Do you love large dog breeds? Does your heart beat for one?

When it comes to dogs and their size, there is always the debate on whether large dogs are better than small ones, and vice versa. And in the sea of many dog breeds, there is just an enormous variety of large breeds you can choose from.

We want to help you get an ideal furry friend. How can we do that?

By explaining some of the traits and personal characters of the most popular large dog breeds. Go through the list, and find your ideal furry friend.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Arguably the best you can get. This puppy is just too lovable, too cute, and too friendly to pass on. You might be inclined to choose another one simply because of the unique factor.

Too many people nowadays own a Retriever. They are friendly to owners, strangers, other dogs, other animals, and everyone around them.

Just pay attention to Golden Retrievers walking by. They wag their tail all the time. As an active pet, who was once used for hunting and retrieving ducks, the Golden Retriever needs a good daily dose of exercise.

One downside of owning a Retriever? This large breed dog will go into any small pond or water surface and dive in. You can expect him to get dirty quite often.

German Shepherd

German shepherd

Some would say the prototypical family dog, the GSD is loyal to his owners, and listen to commands carefully. He is also a great guard dog, protecting his home, owners, and environment from strangers.

Unlike the Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd is not friendly to everyone. With good socialization, however, he can be taught to be calm and peaceful around other dogs.

What makes the GSD so great is his high intelligence. The GSD is one of the top 5 most intelligent dog breeds.

He is also eager to serve, and will do anything for his owner.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The lab is quite similar to the Golden Retriever. The difference is in their coat, and a bit in their personality. Unlike the Goldie, Labrador Retrievers are a bit more cautious when it comes to other people.

They will greet them, but they might not be as friendly at first glance. But do not worry, he has no aggressive gene, and will rarely turn into aggression.

There is a reason why he has been the most popular dog breed by the American Kennel Club for quite some time. His intelligence and lovable personality make him the ideal family dog.



Weighing up to 230 pounds, the Mastiff looks scary, and dominant. But in reality, he is just too kind and gentle.

The English Mastiff nowadays is somewhat of a reputation dog. You get him to look more prestigious, and as part of the high-society.

Patient and lovable, they do not require a lot of exercise. And that is because their big body gets tired quickly.

One word that sizes up his appearance is powerful, but this giant breed is not aggressive by any means.

He can make a good guard dog, but he is more of a gentle and affectionate dog. He might not be as big as the Great Dane, but he is twice as thick.



Speaking of big teddy bears that are just cuddling dogs, we have the Newfoundland. Perfect for families with young kids, the Newfoundland enjoys spending time with kids and family.

They love playing with little ones, and will never get too rough.

He is as happy as the family that owns him. The giant dog breed is the poster dog of Canada, this gentle giant is courageous and intelligent working dog.

Black Russian Terrier

For those who want to get a dog that is more challenging, you can never go wrong with a terrier. The Black Russian terrier looks like a big black ball of fur.

He is a nimble giant who thrives in cold weather thanks to his coat.

He was initially created to serve as military and working dog. But nowadays, he is a family pet.

One downside is that like all terriers, he can be quite stubborn and strong-willed at times. And there lies the challenge and pleasure.

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

The Poodle is the second most intelligent dog breed, right after the Border Collie. And as a bonus, the Poodle does not shed. That is one of the big reasons why people love this dog so much.

Loyal, intelligent, will follow commands, the Poodle is just a joy to have around. Just be careful, they can be strong-willed. That is because their smarts mean they do not take everything easy, and will think with their own brain.

The Poodle does have a natural inclination to be a crowd-pleaser, so make sure to give him enough stimulation for his brain, and for his body as well.

Great Dane

Great Dane

This is the largest dog breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. They can grow up to 32 inches tall, making the dog monumental in size, but also in personality.

The current world record is held by a Great Dane. Despite his size, he is a friendly canine, and known as a gentle giant at heart.

Friendly and calm, the Great Dane requires love, attention, and space to stretch his big legs. One of the big downsides of owning a Great Dane is the short lifespan.

The breed is prone to many health conditions, including bloat, cancer, skeletal, vision, and neurological problems. Some of them are minor, others are major, but they shorten their lifespan.



It is just amazing how some of the scariest dog breeds are actually the most lovable. The Rottweiler is another perfect example.

His appearance might be scary and fearful, but he is just cuddly bear. Because of the bad portrayal on television and media, you might think to ignore this large breed dog.

But despite the bad reputation, he is highly popular among large dog breeds. And that is because of his extreme intelligence, good-nature, and natural obedience. He can adapt to any role you give him. Just be careful, they require strong alpha owner.



When you look at the boxer, you will easily understand the name. He looks like a prizefighter, like he has just come out of the ring.

This agile and active dog breed requires a lot of exercise. And he will return the favor by giving you kisses and love.

One downside, the boxer drools a lot. So, be ready to wipe his mouth constantly throughout the day.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Swiss have given us so many things, including good chocolate, luxury watches, landscape that is hard to find anywhere in the world, the Swiss Alps, and more. But we can also thank them for the Bernese Mountain Dog.

In the past few years, this large dog breed has become quite popular, thanks to his affectionate personality and keen intelligence.

His signature tri-colored silky long fur makes him ideal for outdoor activity, and outdoor living. He can work well in cold weather, and is just a delight to have around.

The Bernie is perfect with children, and will make a great addition to any family.



Thanks to the movie Hatchiko, the Akita has become one of the more popular dog breeds. In Japan, his native country, he is the most popular dog.

Now, the movie might portray the dog as a kind and lovable, but the Akita is essentially a guard dog.

Yes, they are loyal till the grave, but if not trained properly, they can become aggressive. Definitely not something novice owners would like to try.

Akitas need lots of regular exercise to stay in shape. And the best part is, they can adapt easily to any lifestyle, be it outdoor or indoor.



The most popular hound dog is Bloodhound. He can recognize so many smells and scents, and was originally used to hunt deer and track people.

Nowadays, he is more of a family dog that loves to stay on the couch and cuddle with his family. Friendly with people and children, they are relentless when it comes to finding a hidden item.

This makes the bloodhound great for playing games outside.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

This large dog breed is unique thanks to his eyes. Their signature eye color can range from brown, light brown, ice blue, deep blue, green, or even amber. Some huskies even have bi-eyes, which means different eye color in both eyes.

Blue eyes are the most common, and that makes the Husky look like a little puppy doll. Their looks and model-like appearance have made the Husky one of the most popular dog breeds.

But be careful, they are quite stubborn, strong-willed, and might howl during the night. These traits are the reason why there are so many abandoned huskies in shelters.

large dog breeds

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